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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane aka Noreaster Sandy at 10 AM Monday

As that Navy graphic that I keep putting up showed correctly... a good portion of the US and Canada from Carolina to the Great Lakes is now covered by clouds from Hurricane Sandy... clouds and weather in the form of winds, rain, surf and surging high tides. The models picked a fine time to be spot on and get the forecast right.

A look at this image from the loop I will show below shows you the blocking ridge, push me pull me set up of steering currents that stopped Sandy from going out to sea like any other normal storm.

You can see in the image above the tilt of the steering currents that is picking Sandy up
and is preventing her from going out to sea
and aiming her directly at the Mid-Atlantic
the storm will follow that flow that looks similar to the 5 day cone shown below:

If you look at the image above the cone you will see the moisture fetch
fetching in the same direction of the cone.

NYC may escape a direct hit and yet
they will not escape the effects of the storm.

And, it is worth noting that the NHC has come more in line
with the graphic I put up yesterday from the Canadian Hurricane Center
Not that it's a contest ...but I have been watching, comparing and waiting to see what happens

This is the OLD track from the Canadians:

They put that out Sunday Morning when the NHC map was showing a winder more Northern Cone.

I thought it was worth mentioning.
Hurricanes aka Cyclones aka Typhoons happen everywhere around the world
and there are meteorologists in every part of the world tracking these storms every day somewhere
They do a great job...they are underpaid for what they do and it is for many an act of love.

Once bit by tropical weather you are bitten forever... 
Ask a tropical meteorologist why he or she loves hurricanes
and they will tell you about the big one that got away or didn't get away.. 
or a storm storm.. and then they fell in love with hurricanes.

As for our hurricane of the day

Sandy will inspire a new generation of kids who love weather
in the same way Twister did...

A good post online at shows the all time lowest pressures...Sandy should break many of those so this list is worth posting and checking back at it after the storm.

East Coast All-Time Pressure Records Could Be Broken
Posted by DTB_2009 on 10/26/2012, 12:05 pm

Keep an eye on these records.  Sandy may threaten them.
The GFS forecast currently shows 953 millibars near NY/NJ/PA.

Lowest Pressure Recorded by State

Connecticut - 28.04 in. or 949.5 mb on 9/21/1938
Massachusetts - 28.18 or 954.3 on 9/11/1954
Rhode Island - 28.20 or 955.0 on 3/7/1932
Maine - 28.24 or 956.3 on 12/16/1916
Vermont - 28.28 or 957.7 on1/3/1913
New York - 28.29 or 958.0 on1/3/1913
Virginia - 28.35 or 960.0 on 3/6/1932
New Jersey - 28.37 or 960.1 on 3/6/1932
Pennsylvania - 28.43 or 962.8 on 3/13/1993
New Hampshire - 28.44 or 963.1 on 3/3/1971
Delaware - 28.54 or 966.5 on 3/14/1993
Maryland - 28.68 or 971.2 on 3/6/1932 States Barometric Pressure Records
This storm has EXTREMELY deep barometric pressure and will continue to have.

MEDICAL WARNING HERE...if you suffer from complaints that are affected my low barometric pressure... you will have problems.  IF you live in the path, but not somewhere the storm is currently affecting go stock up on pain relievers...  my headaches have been beyond nuts...tho not so oddly while at the beach :) they barely hurt or I didn't notice them. Just a heads up.. pressure affected complaints will be complaining..

Again... the point about yesterday is that the storm was moving north... the waves were pushing in and the current was to the south around the NW "backside" of the storm ,,,the winds were from my back blowing my hair around my head making it almost impossible to see as the waves were trying still to pound the beach. 

If you click on this picture you will see that the ocean is being sucked back and south as the waves are trying to break far out near the end of the pie the water was just being sucked out by the offshore wind

It was eerie...surrealistic and almost scary except I live for a day like that...
and I have chased many hurricanes with storm friends and this was like no hurricane I ever saw.

It is a NOR'EASTER wrapping around a Hurricane... 
it's bizarre and it may be coming to your town
or the town of someone you love.

are expected to be over 20 Feet!

And there is snow..................falling in the mountains from Hurricane Sandy 

More later..
Besos Bobbi

Ps... just try to take in the scope and magnitude of Hurricane Sandy and know
you are watching history as it is happening.

Lastly...if you have a friend who intends to ride out the storm from Del Marva North..on the water
try and convince them to go inland a bit to the friend... wherever Sandy makes landfall
may see unprecedented high tides...yes I said unprecedented
and I keep thinking on Ocean City Maryland... and how close the stores are to the Ocean
that seawall is not so high... matter what my 18 year old says..


At 2:22 AM, Blogger apple said...

Hurricane Sandy was so strong and powerful, and according to the latest weather Philippines news, there are now 13 dead people in Us Canada because of this typhoon!


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