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Monday, October 29, 2012

HMS Bounty Abandoned & Sunk ..Map of Location of Sinking.... Crew Members Missing

A victim of Hurricane Sandy... crew members still missing and they have not released the names of those missing...

Image from the online site showing where she went down...

It sunk in waters off of the Cape Hatteras... just north of where I was yesterday ...

When I was a little girl the old Bounty came to Miami... my mother took me to see it. I thought it was sort of stupid... or pretended to... but I always remembered that trip..

So sad..

This is so tragic and it may seem small in comparison to the larger drama ...but we remember the Andrea Gale because of the Perfect Storm.

Not many people ever walked on or traveled to see the Andrea Gale. The HMS Bounty is followed online, people twitter...they dedicate webpages to this and other similar beautiful ships like it.

Where she just was...and where she was going... St. Pete...figures.

 2012 Port Schedule:
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Oct 2012

Oct 01-20, 2012     Yard Period, Boothbay Harbor Maine 
Oct 25   , 2012     New London CT - Private Event

Nov 2012
Nov 10-11, 2012     St. Petersburg, Florida    ONE WEEKEND ONLY - Bounty returns to her former winter home!
   of MANY sites:

There is something about these tall ships that tug at your heart...

This is the blog that they maintained all summer....

Click on the image above... it's sad... very sad... it is the first of many memorable losses of life, property history... from Hurricane Sandy.

If it could sink a ship with an excellent crew FAR FROM THE STORM....think how it can affect your houseboat in Brooklyn or your home facing the North Shore of Long Island...

Sad...very sad ...
Besos Bobbi
will update with more info


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