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Monday, October 29, 2012

Reports & Storms, Cranes Falling in Mid Town, Avalon Flooding

Reporter gets his foot stuck in the Sandy while reporting on Sandy at the Beach..........

Pressure down to 958 in NJ...lowest they have had so far... very low.

And, she is now moving WNW at 28 MPH FAST towards the Jersey Coast.  The water associated with her is still traveling towards Long Island. Friends in CT have lost power.

A large building crane, you know the ones that terrify you way above your head spinning around...

Crashed, boom to the ground. My kids in Manhattan saw the fire trucks and EMT crews racing to the scene.  Saw it safely from their apartment...

The crane on top of the WTC has been spinning around making eerie sounds for people who live near by... hopefully it will hold. Even Cantore on TWC was worried on it.

The coast guard team that was sent out to rescue crew members from the HMS Bounty were interviewed on Channel 14 News and they said they have NEVER seen Ocean Conditions like that EVER.

A great map for you to use to see how conditions are where your loved ones up north are ..  <---- click="click" link="link" now="now" p="p">
You can zoom in and you will see a flowing image of winds into an area.. directional.. with strengths.

Or just move the mouse over the spot you want to see the reading for.. a great map

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Here comes the hurricane's SNOW! (huh?!?) RT : He comes the "real" snow into the mountains now.  
Billboard blown down, windows blown out in one  building.
NWS: "Couple of windows" blown out of a building in Boston's Back Bay district 
BREAKING: George Wash. Bridge, Verrazano Bridges closing at 7PM this evening 
RT : More than 765,000 customers in 10 states are now without power due to . The number will grow

On a personal level... my son-in-law finally went home and left Borough Park. They don't believe in hurricanes in Borough Park Land.. there is a wedding tonight about 10 blocks away that YES is going on. But, it's near their apartment........

My son in Manhattan just made his girl friend tilipia... power on, he's complaining the storm is weak.

My son in Crown Heights is home with kids... the The Marketplace next door that has been opening soon in Crown Heights is getting deliveries.

My friend left Long Beach (thank u) and went to Queens.

More later... great coverage on TV and not sure where to look first.

Oh..and we just got high wind warnings in Raleigh.

Good thing I'm watching the Hurricane..

No..seriously it got so windy I went outside to see what was going on..

A little worried on the WEST north WEST motion of Sandy right now... a lot of people further to the south will be getting stronger winds. A lot of people in NY will be getting snow.

Besos Bobbi
more later


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