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Monday, October 29, 2012

Smell of Fires in Brooklyn... Flooding in the Battery.. Subways... Tunnels...

Subway Tunnels have at least 4 feet of water in them under the East Tunnel..that is confirmed.

World Trade Center Construction Area:


#Sandy flooding the World Trade Center construction site. Image courtesy of the AP.

Raining hard in Raleigh

Queens Mid Town Tunnel Flooding...

Why is this a surprise I wonder ... we heard it would happen. The mind just didn't comprehend.

Crown HEIGHTS is still doing good...  a check around Twitter ...

Yep, we're pretty dry in crown heights “: tonite is a nite when names like prospect heights, wash heights etc have real meaning”
+ crown heights RT  powered-up reports from Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, and Astoria.
Subways flooded, both airports flooded-- but crown heights still has power! And for ONCE IN MY LIFE. I am glad THIS is my hood.
Still have power in Crown Heights. Suckers. 
RT : My neighbors are setting off fireworks. 

So true......  the Heights are a good place to be.. <--- a="a" crown="crown" king="king" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" without="without">Matisyahu.. good song for a night like this...

I can't imagine what the Death Toll will be in the morning.............

At least 10 US deaths related to Sandy -  

Over 4 Million People without Power...

Can NY City run without the subways?
Might take a good week to get them up and running.. and salt water intrusion has been a big fear..
LIVE FEED FOR EMT in Brooklyn Area..

Smell of burning fires.. that is the question of the night..
In several parts of Brooklyn people are complaining of fires burning or smell of petroleum.
Cantore mentioned it on Battery Park..

Fires in buildings.
Fires in subways? That is UNCONFIRMED but keeps being repeated..
A fire in Park Slope.. Bay Ridge...

Listen for yourself:

And, flooding...
Everything down in that part of Manhattan is flooding... going to take a while to put it all together again.

This was shown on TWC and been confirmed though the picture at WTC seems fake, I could be wrong. TWC showed it..

The NYSE either has 3 feet of water or doesn't. It is not confirmed, but there are reliable sources. If it didn't flood... I'd like to know how it didn't flood... everything else down there IS flooding.

RT : Wow!! *STORM REPORT* The NY Stock Exchance trading floor is under 3 feet of 
water, per NWS storm report.  


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a massive fire in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn about midnight.
Not sure what is in that ares - 2 ave and what looked like 30ish streets.


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