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Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily News Building Flooded -- Water Rising

It's not a surprise that it flooded... perhaps a surprise the extent that it flooded.

Just saying... 

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NY Daily News offices lobby flooded 3 ft deep, computers now gone dark  rock and roll animals
The Daily News building is flooded 4 feet. !!
With 6 feet of water outside the Daily News offices in FiDi, I can't believe the South Ferry/Whitehall stops aren't totally flooded. 
AHAHA The Daily News got flooded. Good luck getting your print edition out tomorrow. 
New York Daily News: We have just been warned NOT to go downstairs. The lobby to 4 New York Plaza is now flooded.
 hittin the news: NY Daily News/4 World Plaza flooded & AM 820 off air due to rising waters at NJ transmitter site
Sandy has landed in Atlantic City. NY Daily News staffers say ground floor is flooded. Live updates here. 


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