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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Damage Reports & Thoughts

There is so much damage and it is so wide spread that it is hard to know where to begin and what people reading this would want to know most... my son emailed me this image... sent me this picture...


They have worried for years ...decades about the salt water intrusion on the subways if they flooded.

They flooded. We will soon know the effects on the subways.

Either way they will most likely be down for the rest of the week most likely..the work week.

Studies worry on the problems with salt water intrusion with regard to the water supply too...

La Guardia:

It is surrounded by water as anyone who has ever come in way too low knows. I was on a flight that had two aborted landings years ago and it kept circling until they were sure they could land. Sort of scary to look out your window and almost feel as if you could touch the waves..

The water came down from the Sound with the strong winds around the top of the storm and flooded LGA.

Up close and personal tells the story better...

Those runways were under water....there was severe damage in areas
and possibly damage to the main building... but not confirmed

It will take a while to figure out how fast they can even get it open..

JFK will be open tomorrow... 

. says JFK will likely reopen tomorrow; does not expect LGA to reopen by tomorrow due to damage 

 Though near the is protected a bit yet the neighborhoods around it did not suffer as well.

Wide view:

Logically one would think JFK on the south side of Long Island would be in a worse place..but
that is not how water works and slosh maps and each hurricane is different.
As mentioned earlier in this blog concerning the onshore flow around Sandy 
when I was out chasing it at the coast... 
the flow AROUND the top of Sandy was so strong
and watcher was pushed/sucked off shore out to sea.
The water in Long Island Sound... a large body of water was slammed into the North Shore of L.I.
And the place where it all funnels in is around LGA.

On the south side... Breezy Point sits a few streets of 50 or so homes jutting out ....

Those homes burned all night until they could get some help... just a mess. 
Looks like after Armageddon ...

Waterfront homes on small barrier islands in hurricanes do not work well when there is a Hurricane.
And, this WAS a hurricane whether the NHC wants to call it Superstorm or Hurricane.

I love maps.. I love Geography
To understand Meteorology you have to understand Geography..
it's that simple.

And, the HMS Bounty that sunk...
the captain is still missing at sea..

More info soon... 


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi, hoping to travel from Ireland tomorrow, do you think JFK will be open, can't find out anywhere! Thanks Marian

At 11:24 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Hey anonymous... where are you going in NY or are you traveling on somewhere else? Which airline?

That's their website. Check with whoever you are flying. It's hard to say, runways had water and they are checking for damage. They had damage, just not as bad but the surrounding areas suffered horrible damage and roads may not all be open. Any connecting flights might be cancelled even if JFK finds a way to open.

It's a very fluid situation ...

Sounds funny to say but NYC is pretty much closed..and surrounding areas but they are fast to respond and get things open if they can so can't say for sure you are stuck in Ireland.. nice place to be, I've always wanted to see it. I love Celtic music...

At 11:28 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

PS... could open... just wouldn't bet on it ..tho I'm not betting person.

They keep saying they "could" open it but no way of knowing just yet. Good luck!

At 7:56 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

There has been a statement tonight that JFK will open on a limited basis for international flights... so you may get lucky... good luck!


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