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Monday, October 29, 2012


Picture from Drudge..

Live EMT Feed

Listen if you are interested.. tells you a lot more than you are hearing on TV.


There are a lot of fires going on... over and over you hear "cannot respond due to flooding"

Especially in Coney Island Area.

NYSE trying to figure out how to open tomorrow... or the next day...

Coney Island Hospital ON FIRE...

The Fire Department has no comment... says no fire. Witnesses and people there say otherwise.

This is the same all night... online..

It is Chaos out there.. like Hurricane Andrew there were so many places that needed help ... and it was impossible to even find the places.

New Jersey has problems, a lot of flooding.. Atlantic City is a mess.. Ocean City, NJ and NC have problems.

But my thoughts and mind are on Brooklyn as I have kids there and I've lived there and everyone forgets how low to the water parts of Brooklyn is...

A lot of speculation on fires in subways... yes.. no ...maybe?

The thought is more scary than the reality of a "hurricane" or a "superstorm"

Massive flooding in Lower Manhattan. Fires in subway tunnels. ALL RESIDENTS ordered inside. Stay Safe NYC, we love you. 
Tonight is proving danger of new media. Bogus hospital fires, flooded subway, NYSE, others
Hearing about the floods & fires in the subway tunnels - really hope the Ninja Turtles had evacuated the sewer lair beforehand 
RT  NYSE flooded, midtown crane is still dangling, subway fires ongoing. Record water rise at Battery Park. Yes it's bad.


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