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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watching Wannabe Don in the Caribbean... Tx/La Region Pay Attention

The Red Dot down in the Caribbean formerly known as "possibly Don" was downgraded to less than 10% chances and is now back up to an almost respectable 40% orange circle on the NHC website. The problem is it has a beautiful spin, yet no observable circulation so it's a no go for upgrade to Tropical Storm Don just yet.

This is like the Scarecrow trying to prove he has a brain to a man who has no heart. Does he or doesn't he exist? Only the models will whisper the answer into the ears of the guys at the Hurricane Center and the men in the flying monkey machines will take pictures with their IPhone and Dropsondes and tell us whether or not we have Don in the morning.

If Don does develop, this is the path that he would be taking and for those out there who have been praying for Texas rain, keep watching ...and if you live in Louisiana keep watching as the models that took it straight to the Tex-Mex border have been shifting right (aka North) with each model run.

Personally, looks to me like he's spinning but that doesn't mean it has a "closed circulation"

Hey, if you are bored with the one day possibly Don, you can follow the swarm of activity in the Canary Islands in a region that doomsday people love to watch:

Yep, when real weather chasers get restless waiting for a real Cape Verde storm to form, they will watch almost anything... this way they are killing two birds with one stone as it's in the same general part of the world. This link was passed along to me by one of the best tropical mets around, enjoy:

Mind you, the eyes of the Irish might be watching the Canary Islands for earthquakes but I'm watching waves and right now there is what was once a Cape Verde wave that is poised to possibly develop and move north towards the United States.

On a personal front... Escaped today and got some relief from helping out with my mother and enjoyed some great Indian food for lunch, while weaving plot lines together while listening to some really great Bollywood songs. I went out for Chinese with my son and his wife and am enjoying some wonderful Wifi time online again at his house while contemplating doing Cuban food for breakfast. Gosh I love Miami ;) Bear with me, a couple more days and I'll be back one way or the other sooner rather than later if Don decides to show his handsome face. Taking turns helping out with my mother who is having treatments for vision problems, mind you as bad as her eye sight is she was able to see the TV during the news and wished the wave away from South Florida ... so you all have her to thank for saving us from this one.

I've seen some very long range models that show the Atlantic to be extremely active in the weeks to come with a wave train set up from South Florida to Africa, with at least three tropical systems out there. Mind you Aunt Jenny and her Ouija board might be more accurate than the long range models but they made me sit up and go "Wow"

Next system down the road might be the wave in the Atlantic, keep watching.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...enjoy the balmy night in Miami... it won't be balmy forever,



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