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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Problem with Bret... Moving SE @ 2mph

The problem with Bret is he is a very S L O W moving storm that is currently moving slowly SE and enhancing rainfall chances over South Florida. A tropical storm warnings were hoisted fast for the Bahamas as... ummmm ... Bret formed IN the Bahamas.

Please note the end of the long red tail that is forming on Bret was over my house just a few hours ago making it look like a haunted house in late October.

Official text from the 11pm advisory:

That's the official cut and paste from the NHC.

Truth: With a small storm this weak, just off shore in late July anything could really happen. Most likely it will go out to sea. Easy money, good bet for Bret is to predict a fish storm.

Truth: Cold fronts (aka Trofs) are weak in late July.

Truth: Steering currents currently weak.

Truth: Steering currents can change fast.

False: Rain in South Florida this evening with wild thunder and light show was from Bret.

Truth: Rain in South Florida this evening wrapped into and towards Bret.

You see my point is.. you can see any argument you want to with a storm like Bret.

One person's "crazy" is another person's "genius" . . .

Truth: Bret has one T in his name ;) Now on that you can rely!!

So, most likely Mr. Slow Moving Bret will slowly drag himself off to sea and in doing so will drag his very wet, moisture trail across the state on it's way East. Can't promise that, but that would be the easy call.

Note: It's easy to say it won't be anything and will slowly slide out to sea than to go out on a very wet limb. And, by the way... it's supposed to be very wet in South Florida tomorrow for some reason . . .

Sweet Tropical Dreams


Ps Can't you feel it circling honey, fins to the left, fins to the right and you're the only girl in town...


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