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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Key West Writing Holiday . . . .

Picture above taken by BobbiStorm (that's me) at sunset this evening, after I felt the need to "RESET" my mind and get some writing done during the slow days of summer with nothing on the horizon but fluffy white clouds and sailboats.

Well, this is about as slow as it gets during the Hurricane Season. Something massive has to change for things to switch into tropical mode. Even the waves coming off of Africa are weak and not very wet. A lot of upper air flow in the Caribbean which makes it difficult for anything to form.

And, well when the storms don't start forming I get going and in this case went all the way down to Key West. I have some research to do for a friend and research and writing I need to do for myself so I hopped on the bus and spent the afternoon at the library and walking around town.

Feels so good to be down here, even if just for a day or two on a writing holiday. The more I write the better.

I did notice hurricane guides in Faustos put out by the Citizen and really wonderful plaques with hurricane maps on sale on Duval in what is almost the lobby of La Concha. If you have money and are in Key West and looking for some great decorative plaques that you could get lost staring at... run don't walk and bring lots of money. So hard to make up your mind, trust me.

So hard to figure out which one to buy, I would love to buy them all ;)

Go online and check their site out for yourself, if you can't get down to Key West any time soon.

And, if you are in town there are copies of The Citizen's 2011 Hurricane Season Guide in which case you should definitely pick one up.

Love their logo:


That just about says it all. That and am going to be doing research in various libraries tomorrow and enjoying the peace and quiet of Key West. Okay, it's a noisy, tourist town with people running about partying but at the moment it is providing an extremely wonderful rest from the hectic, whirlwind that is my family right now. And, thanks to a very wonderful friend who I am doing research for I get to relax in style while piecing notes together into some semblance that makes sense while watching TWC on mute.

Did you know it was Jim Cantore's 25th Anniversary with the TWC today? Wow... and I remember him from way back when ;)

Okay, going back to my research, tobacco, turn of the century and the Canes that got away to Galveston and other far away places.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...

(ps one more week and we should be tracking, that's what my sources tell me.. let's see if they are right or if they are wrong) Going to bed so I can wake up and catch the's a song to go with that picture I took this evening for a friend. Will just have to spell check tomorrow. That's a Scarlet update for 2011!


At 7:30 AM, Blogger Sherri said...

Great post. Beautiful sunset. Love Cantore! Have fun, Bobbi.


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