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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

While Miami Simmers in the Summer... is Hot and Stormy

This blog entry should be seriously named, "Why I love Hurricane City" which is really a statement and not a question. is an incredible website with an amazing database of valuable information for any storm chaser, tracker or anyone flirting with taking up tropical weather as a hobby. It has a wealth of knowledge on hurricane history as well as the dynamics of how to face a hurricane up close and personal.

It also has my very beloved message board that rocks my world 365 days a year but especially from June through November. Mind you, it does get a little rough right about now when many will eat their young or sacrifice them for a good named storm. Sorry, but sometimes you got to tell it like it is.. We get a little, mean and hungry in these days before the tropics pop and we are just about at that season. If I was a sailor I'd be worrying on this being the calm before the proverbial storm. Google the term: Horse Latitudes and you'll understand what I am talking about. Barely a breeze out there this morning as I walked around the canal, which is in my case a good 45 minute walk in the very hot, sticky, humid Miami morning.

Another incredible website that I love from the bottom of my heart is which I think of as Cyclone's site but that's another horse of a different color.

This is my sample post from this morning's discussion on why Miami is living on borrowed time.

For more great posts and fun reading, go to anytime you want some tropical discussion during this extremely, excruciatingly slow time in the tropics. Won't last forever, so enjoy it now.

"Miami is Miami, south of the Lake and a different climate zone actually from the north and central part of the state. Miami is truly the tropics, it is the northernmost city in the Caribbean...

Now Tampa...and Jax are really clueless when it comes to Hurricanes.

Tampa thinks they will only get strong tropical storms riding up frontal boundaries late in the fall and Jax thinks there is some voodoo gypsy queen somewhere who put a curse on Marathon in the Keys and protected Jacksonville from a direct hit.

Both are untrue... both will get slammed by a major storm.

As much as Tampa was a boom town in the Roaring 20s the Tarpon Springs Hurricane of 1921 probably did more so slow the boom than the Great Miami Hurricane did to break the boom in Miami.

Real historians will tell you the Boom died in the winter of 1925 when real estate sales did not match the advertised winter real estate selling season. Bad press up north, new laws regarding investing swamp land that was sight un seen, a railroad strike the stopped supplies was further exacerbated by the Prinz Valdemar vessel turning over in the middle of Biscayne Bay prohibiting building supplies from getting in or out for months.

Slowed the boom.... one can only imagine how much stronger the boom might have been in 1922 and 1923 had this storm not hit and scared investors.. Silly investors up north thought Miami was safe from real weather damage.

People do love the blame weather for everything however.

Truth is some big, Category 3 or 4 storm will make a hard left under an entrenched suddenly stronger Bermuda high ala Andrew and slam into Jacksonville... God help them... and the Red Cross.

As for Tampa... the clock is ticking.. . . . . . "

As for me... hitting the shower and going to the library to do some research and get some real writing done.

Love and Kisses... Besos Bobbi

Ps... Lychee Martinis, who knew... nice change for the Margaritta girl.


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