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Sunday, July 17, 2011

NHC Sends in the planes... 40% Chance of Development East of Florida

40% and they are sending in the planes... that's a little strange. However, with the proximity to land it ups the ante I suppose and they figure they better get it right. Isn't everything in life about location? Well, this possible tropical cyclone is located close to land and we need "more better" models regarding whether it goes north or west... course I wouldn't mind if it went southwest as I could really use the distraction from more grizzly upsetting new stories. A wet tropical system would help quite a few areas thirsty for rain.

Keep watching, as the planes are out there and gathering data. has some good graphics and data, read up a bit on it and I'll be back later.

I do notice that the storms over South Florida have ramped up stronger than they have been the last several days. Air feels different today, can almost smell the tropical air out there.

Can you spell i n s t a b i l i t y ???

Besos Bobbi

Ps Got a good spin on radar:


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