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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bret, Cindy .... Waiting on Don

Y'all have to excuse me here as I haven't been covering Cindy nor have I paid much attention to Bret. Just not really prime time storms, they do have stormy weather in them but they are safely out at sea and I have been busy dealing with a problem my mother has with her eyes.

Long story short, she had a lot of tests and some treatments and am staying by her to help her out for a few days. She does not have TWC nor does she have wifi, in fact, she doesn't even have a computer. So, I've been tracking along on my droid and waiting for Don to develop or to set up wifi at her place which ever comes first.

I've heard a lot of people in the tropical world bitching that the NHC "waisted" a name on Cindy. Seriously?? I mean, really? Come on gang, get a life here. Though out at sea going towards the open Atlantic she still have strong winds and tropical storm weather and if you are traveling on a ship in that area I think you'd want the NHC to waste time giving advisories on her. It's just a run of the mill, boring storm out in open water. Many tropical systems are and they are often quite beautiful to watch even if we are a little bored with them.

There's a yellow circle up in the middle of the Atlantic at a low latitude focused on a wave that I like. I like it because it's got a nice, big pocket of moisture on it and one heck of a roll on the "juice loop" so keep watching.

Looking forward to seeing Don on the maps sometime soon. If not this wave, the one exiting Africa today is luscious.

Keep watching... be back soon... say a little prayer for my momma cause it's sad enough to have poor hearing but then to lose your eye sight :(

Besos Bobbi


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