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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Miami Wins & Puts on Fantastic Super Bowl. Iowa Loses... Bets It on an App That Was Broken. Don't Need a Groundhog to Know it's Spring in the South.

What's that song?
There's got to be a morning after?
Oh Snap... it was a Disaster movie :(

Seriously they knew the App had a problem.
Iowa now has a problem.
Let's never use an App to vote okay??

Ironically everyone claimed victory last night.
The weather wasn't a problem.
Technology was a problem.
This is why I don't want to vote on my phone.
I've heard people say "we could vote by App"
Yeah I don't think so.

As a weather person I get it when models mess up.
Or an App promises snow then snow.
Life goes on...

Winter is in the West....
Spring is in the South.
Much rain is on the way in the SE.
And in the NE the candidates have arrived.

Don't you just hate when that happens?
You go to your favorite satellite and it's broken.
Or you wait for the results from Iowa and ... broken.

Well at least for us we change satellites.
For candidates they change states.

Jim Williams always said I should do videos.
Or maybe he said "talk"
He knows how I talk so ...
...okay he's right it's easier.
Once I got past my fear or talking...
... but basically I prefer writing.
And I love satellite imagery.

Look at that image.... that area in the Southeast is RED HOT and filled with severe weather potential and no one really needs a Groundhog to know which way the temperatures are going right now or if Spring is on the way; actually it's Spring in the South currently as flowers are in bloom. Maybe this is a February Thaw? But unless you are out in the Far West.... the winter that never really showed up is about as far away as the real facts of what happened last night in Iowa.

Again let me say I am an Independent. Yes I was raised a Democrat that has often voted Republican or Democratic depending on the election and the candidates ...though I like to party I'm not a party girl anymore. I wait and see how the election evolves and which candidates are left standing and which candidate I believe has the best chance to lead this country as November nears and Hurricane Season slows down. Yes, between now and the next Presidential Election is the 2020 Hurricane Season but for now the slow season.... I go back to one of my first loves and that is politics. So I looked forward to the Iowa Caucus and the beginning of the real primary season and Oh My Goodness. I've never seen so many professionals paid to speak on air be totally speechless. I sat there last night going back and forth between CNN and MSNBC and oh my goodness. I don't really want to curse on my blog but yeah ...that happened ...

I kept saying during the whole Impeachment Trials "can't we just have an election??" and now I'm thinking ... maybe not. No seriously, as "Mayor Pete" said you could see for yourself what was going on at the Caucus and in my words who was hot and who was not. You could see those enthused about Warren or Amy and the Bernie people were on the floor and Yang Gang insisting they weren't going to vote for anyone but Yang (many then drifted away) and the Biden crowd was extremely thin at some of the venues yet always cheerful people would come around on the next count or the next... No, I don't think that happened. But maybe we will never know for sure and that's sad for the Democratic Party coming off of a horrendous 2016 where it was obvious they tried to skew the election towards their favorite candidate and many Bernie people felt it was stolen from him .... but we may never know for sure. But you could learn a lot from watching the various people who showed up to caucus for their favorite candidates and often hear who their 2nd favorite candidates were if they did not get enough to be viable.

Amazingly as we approached the Super Bowl on Sunday there was much talk about how the whole show would go seeing as it was held in Miami and you know all those "Because Miami" news stories on Twitter. People worried on terrorism or Coronavirus or some technological glitch happening. Would the actual game live up to it's expectations? (Yes it did!) and would the Half Time be a huge flop or would they pull it off? Yes, they did.. the two Latin Divas Nailed it swaying their hips, filled with emotion and passion holding most people mesmerized putting on one of the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows of all time. Okay, I'm from Miami and maybe I'm prejudice but I've loved Shakira since she first hit the scene. I studied dance and that includes Bollywood and Belly Dance and she is soo good as a performer. JLO is JLO an Icon who seems to transcend age being 50 years old holding her own up against a 43 year old Shakira celebrating her birthday in front of the world. Come on that's drama. And the game with the QB from Tyler Texas..... showing passion and leading his team from behind to victory!

So I never got around to blogging about the incredible football game Sunday as Monday was a blur for me as I tried to get the song out of my head and then finally gave up. I looked forward to the Iowa Caucus and the official start of the 2020 Presidential Election and.... well the new fancy App that they many were worried on worked about as badly as the GFS when it shows a major Cat 6 Landfall of a hurricane in Miami for a weak tropical wave rolling off of Africa in July. All of us in the weather world know how models can mess up and how really bad weather apps can be so are we really surprised? Okay, yeah I'm a bit surprised but Iowa has a history of problems. Santorum who actually once won the Iowa caucus despite the fact that they said Romney did and unable to gain any traction on that win ... we didn't find out who won until I believe the South Carolina Caucus and by that time anyone who knows anything about how hurricanes spin knows momentum is important.

It's not the first time Iowa messed up.
Both headlines above were right...
...but on different days.
Remember when.....

Trust me momentum is huge.
Whoever won or did well last night.
Would like that momentum going into NH.

So this seems to be a developing story.
I'm watching TV in the background.
Yes I watch the TV.
While watching the Twitter Feed....
....Twitter of course says "conspiracy" 
And there's great GIFS going around.
Life goes on...
CNN broke away to the Coronavirus just now.
MSNBC talking on "the process"
FOX the end of the "impeachment process"

So what can I say that I haven't said? Shakira rocks and perhaps the crew that gave you the Super Bowl without any major problems should have been in charge of the show in Iowa?

As for me I'm going to move on with my day. It's forecast to be 70 degrees in Raleigh and yes I have my sandals ready to use today and the hope for snow in Raleigh is fading into the background as I watch the never ending flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the Deep South as snow edges it's way towards Oklahoma after pounding the West that has been pounded all Winter as people in the East insist Winter didn't show up. 

As for New Hampshire .... the candidates are showing up there and the show will go on.

Stay safe... wash your hands ;) Always be prepared for severe weather.... Take it one day at a time and know that before this is over I'm sure there will be about odd story that crops up during this interesting Primary Season that collides with Spring Training and moves us day by day closer to predictions on the 2020 Hurricane Season. Seeing as the predictions for this Winter were horrible I'm not rushing to make any predictions but one thing I will remind you is that flow continues and the pattern of systems off the SE Coast continues the way it did during the Hurricane Season of 2019 except it's been winter like storms enhanced with the flow from the Gulf of Mexico. 

And the beat goes on..... 

Stay tuned.
This is all a developing story in Iowa.
Weather wise... I'm going to enjoy the warm weather.
Going to Seattle later this month....
...where Winter is still holding on strong.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... my real favorite Shakira song ;)

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