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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

December... Thanksgiving Over As Is the Hurricane Season of 2019. Traveling Back to the Carolinas Today...

Wondering if Mike makes a Winter Weather Tee Shirt?
Hmnnn.. may ask him.
My favorite place to go to know what's going on in the weather!

Snow and Winter Weather in the NE.
No hurricanes in the tropics.

Look at that beautiful world.
Note the big storm leaving the East Coast.
More moisture in the SW moving in...
Next storm system starting up.

I've missed most my weather friends this week.
But tried hard to live in the moment...
..with a super large family enjoying the moment.
Getting quality time when I could with who I could.
Blogging from the road today.

It's December.
I bought LED Chanukah stars in Target for my window.
Going to see if they work back in Raleigh ;)

The Hurricane Season is in the Rear View Mirror.
Well on our side of the world.

It's been a while I know. I spent the last week in sunny, South Florida hanging out with my kids, family, friends and taking in all my favorite places. Today we are continuing this trek back up the coast to more of my favorite places. A new favorite place showed up on the play list last night when we met my son, daughter-in-law and the adorable Olivia and Milo in St. Augustine dining by the harbor all lit up in twinkling lights at night. Beautiful. Writing this from Jacksonville, but by the time you read it we will have gotten back on the road Northbound.

I guess I missed all the hype about the Winter Storm of early December (E name on TWC?) and pretty sure it will be really remembered as the Thanksgiving Travel Storm Mess of 2019. If you were flying somewhere along the Northern rim of the country you may have been stuck in the airport somewhere, but driving in the Southeast the highways were blue, beautiful and sunny.

Thanksgiving Weekend snow may not happen often.
But really not that rare.

The truth is a Winter Storm that impacts the Northeast and Chicago messing up travel is not that rare a thing as if it was in Tampa Florida or even Atlanta... that would be huge news. I heard Cranky is missing on Twitter, hope he finds his way back to our neck of the woods. I've been offline most of this trip just enjoying life and living in the minute. The weather in Miami was beautiful, sometimes cool at night but not blazing hot during the day and the humidity was way down. My son is moving from his apartment that makes you feel like you are in Savannah with the fountain down below up town towards Aventura and the rest of the family.

So I had a long, espresso and said goodbye to my favorite breakfast spot this year when in Florida. New favorites are nice and will pop up this coming year I'm sure. We had a tropical Thanksgiving by my In Law's pool in the backyard where the frying turkey set off the yard's fire alarm system ... the bird was fine and the sprinklers quickly shut down. The house and adjacent Bird Farm (parrots) were fine, the ground just got a bit wet which was fine and the frying turkey barely noticed the fuss.

So what else happened this weekend?
Josh got to chase a cyclone!
Much to be thankful for there.

 DaBuh closed the 2019 Hurricane Season out.
Check that off the To Do List.
I'll blog on it once back in Raleigh.
The truth is it was all about Dorian.

Jim Williams wrote up an excellent report.
Note he was on the money totally this year.
All his top places he forecast would get hit... hit so I'd listen to him carefully every year.

Link to article.

Note in Florida when people ask experts.....
...they make sure Jim is there.

Visit his website and donate often.
It takes money to make the world go around.
And to keep websites going.

His city picks for being impacted are highlighted in yellow.
The yellow for the places that got hit.

Never seen anyone nail every city on their list.
He does deep analysis.
I've heard people say...
"well I don't like his system for picking cities...
My thought is "Really??" "It seems to work!"
He doesn't throw darts and get lucky.
Jim is analytical and a perfectionist.
This year he was as perfect as it gets!

My daughter in Miami helped a friend....
..adopt an adorable dog from the Bahamas.
One of the ones airlifted to Miami.
Everyone wants to adopt them until...
..they hear about their health problems.
From being in a Cat 5 Hurricane...
..and starving on the streets before being rescued.
I'll talk on that later this week.
Once home in Raleigh.

So I said goodbye to Miami.
Or as I think of it MYami.
And heading home for the Carolinas.
But Miami always MY home ;)

Some places just make great coffee.
Miami, Tampa, Savannah, Seattle.
And other places in between like Nola.

 I know this is all about the coffee.
I may get a new Nespresso machine.
A small one for the bedroom.

I won't lie I'll really miss the perfectly made Cuban Coffee and Lattes ... you only get in Miami.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Seems we are good when we have winter in all the right places, sunshine in Miami and storms with awesome cores Hurricane Man to chase ... For me I'm chasing really good coffee and an awesome pecan bun for lunch today!!

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