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Friday, June 14, 2019

Father's Day Weekend. No Hurricanes. Buy Some Hurricane Supplies. Watch the Weather and Have Fun. Tell Someone You Love Them!

atl_ir4_sat_tropicalindex_anim.gif (640×480)

Starting with the satellite loop .....
We see a frontal boundary stalled across Florida.
Storms moving from West to East across the Plains.
Shear blasting from the Carib into the Atlantic.
A steady flow of weather slamming the Florida peninsular.

The NHC has a special present for fathers today.
You know father's in Hurricane Country.

Nothing happening.
So go to the beach or the pool.
Go fishing or hang out by a lake.
Maybe the mountains if they are nearby.

Today in Miami and the Florida Keys.
Storms popping up.
But that's normal for this time of year.
If you are down there.......
Make sure your phone notifications are "on" for weather alerts.
Weather can and will pop up fast.
Then float away fast.

Up the coast in the weather is cooler....
It's not forever but it's a beautiful illusion.

If it was up to me I'd spend Sunday in Myrtle Beach.
Always beautiful at sunset.
Sunrise at the ocean awesome.
Sunset has it's own magical look.

But it's my husband's choice of where to go.
He may just want pizza or a steak.
Time will tell.

Further up the coast we are loving the cooler temps.
Though they will be warming up soon.

Oddly Baltimore is expected to be warm.

Looks like a beach day at the shore.

So know you have a vacation from tropical concerns.
There are tropical waves westbound.
Staying low like they do this time of year.
They are kind of in stealth mode.
Eventually this will be a problem.

You can make out the waves.
You can see the frontal boundary stalled.
Across Florida.
(Never a good sign but models see nothing......)
Oh and that crazy low in the North Atlantic.

There will come a time.......
.......when it's prime time.
Those waves will climb .....
Where will the High be?
Will they go into the Caribbean?
Or around the high dangerously close to populated areas?
The islands....
Georgia is not exempt.

Take some time this weekend and buy one hurricane supply.
Start now......if you don't need it and you get lucky.
Donate it to a Food Bank!

Have a great weekend.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps...For the fathers, uncles, stepfathers, grandfathers and mentors... 
The brothers who step in and help out.
You know who you are......
Happy Father's Day.

Believe it or not when my youngest son was little.
He loved this song and this video.
I bought him a CD as a present.
There were way more than 2 of us...
But he loved that song.
Now he loves Kayne... 
He's not a Country Music Fan obviously.
So posting this for him and others.

For everyone else........
Find your own song.

I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan so .... 
here's mine ... much love Bobbi

In Florida there will be rain ....'s the rainy season.
And the frontal boundary is hanging there.

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