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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Invest 91L update

Brief update

If this works good. If not please refer to previous blog. Nothing much going on with Invest 91L and the National Hurricane Center finally lowered chances of development while holding the door open a jar for brief possible development before landfall.

This area of disturbed weather had problems pull it together in the Eastern Pacific as well as the Southwest Carib. If it's going to do something specific today would be the day to make a play for designation.

The real problem is with or without a name it's produced heavy rains everywhere it has been and will continue to do so. Eventually it's moisture feeds into storms up the road and amps up the moisture feed. Severe weather and more flooding could be it's legacy as 91L ot as a tropical depression ot Barry.

We become so invested these days in Invests as they have been raised to public status in hopes of early awareness of possible storm formation. When they bring out Mango Coke do you run out and but it or think "no I don't think so...." For years we followed Invests with half a sleepy eye amused talking amongst ourselves shooting the breeze but now that they have gone public and mainstream expectations arise.

As the song goes maybe it will maybe it won't ... What will be etc.

Keep watching I never like these systems but I've often been surprised as they wrap up at the last minute.

Thanks for your patience. I'm in Brooklyn for a wedding of a friend's daughter visiting my kids and I'll be back updating normally Wednesday or Thursday. Til them I'm tweeting as @bobbistorm when I have time and good phone service. Up here in the country T Mobile doesn't work as well as down in Brooklyn.

Besos BobbiStorm

Sorry for any typos....
I really prefer watching westbound tropical waves that have zero chances of development  than these BOC  pissant systems.


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