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Friday, May 31, 2019

2019 Hurricane Season Starts... Get a Start on Hurricane Preparation Now!

Now why would I be showing you bubbles.
Bubbles in different colors.
And these were huge bottles of bubbles.
Keep reading.

Welcome to the start of the 2019 Hurricane Season. If you are reading this you most likely have concerns for your own life and property or the lives of friends and relatives who live in Hurricane Country. Your job this weekend is to buy at lest one thing that you would need for Hurricane Season.

Yes, it is that easy. If you are out at Publix buy an extra can of tuna or if the peanut butter is buy one get one free.... buy some peanut butter. Get a box, or a locker and stick it in it. If you have kids hide stuff on top of the box and make sure no one gets into the hurricane supplies before a hurricane comes to your town and the box is bare with notes that read "sorry Mommy I ate all the snacks!!"  Trust me I have raised enough kids to know this could happen and will happen if you are not really sneaky. Be sneaky!

I wrote this a few days back, please read the blog as it's excellent advice. Hurricanes are one of the only "natural disasters" that you can prepare for or have time to evacuate so be prepared and be glad you have that edge for once over Mother Nature.

So take a list, check it twice.
Whether you have been naught or nice...
Hurricanes may try to come and visit.
And like relatives .... they come back often.
Years with an early storm like 1926...
...then another Cat 4 in 1926 a bit further down the beach.
Jeanne and Frances..
Maria and Irma.
The list goes on and on.

Make your list.
Start buying Hurricane Supplies now.
Fix the roof, check the windows.
Now is the time to prepare...
...not when you get to the market too late.
And all that is left is canned oysters.
Well ... unless you really like canned oysters.
But apparently not too many people do.

Note this tweet!

Dollar Stores are the best place to stock up on hurricane supplies.
Honestly, they have paper products, medication and toys.
They have buckets, they have canned food... 
Canned fruit, peanut butter.
Pretty much it's all there.
And affordable.

Every time you go buy one product and put it away.
These are things you can use with or without a storm.
When you go to Walmart to get a screwdriver....
... and you see HUGE bottles of bubbles on sale.
BUY THEM if you have kids.,
Crayons.... that work without batteries.
Coloring books at the Dollar Store.
Nothing occupies kids longer than bubbles.
And you don't need electricity.

Parents have special needs.
Diapers and baby wipes.
Small kids get bored when they can't use their iPad.
You know that's true.
And you may not have electric for a week or two.
I'm talking best case scenario...
The house survived intact but the power is out.
Cable is out.
Trees are down.
You need to keep the kiddies busy... 

So shop accordingly.
Trust me on this... 
I know.

We didn't have power for almost two weeks after Andrew.
Batteries only go so far and need to be saved ... 
Crayons last forever.

I'll do a full update on Sunday.
But for now...
Make a list.
Start shopping.
Because if you get the market late...
...and everyone has shopped.
The diapers are gone and.......
.......all that is left is canned oysters!

Stay safe... I do expect a busy season.

Best to prepare early.
Check your batteries see if they work.
Do you need new medication?
Get an extra batch...
And extra inhaler if you have asthma..
Better to have an extra one that to be down to 5 puffs.
Or whatever.

Here's a link to the reason I believe we will have a busy season.
This year seems analogous to busy years.

Read the previous blog... 
Be Hurricane Strong... 
That's my best advice... 

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram 
For real time updates.

Ps... Check out these videos by the NHC

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