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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tornadoes South Florida. Broward County. A Day in My Social Media Life. Pictures. News When Ever You Want it in 2018

April 10th, 2018.
Yesterday the day that was...

The weather got a little wild yesterday in South Florida. Suddenly without warning and without advisories the wind began to whoosh, the sky turned extremely dark and the TV scrolled a sudden "Tornado Warning" for parts of Broward County. That means everyone on the County Line between Miami and Hollywood saw the fast developing wicked weather.

I was on the phone with my brother discussing our Passover Vacation (humor there) and he sent me the radar roll. I told him there would be tornadoes soon and I could see a hook echo forming between the "u" and the "d" in the word Ft. Lauderdale on the radar. Well it's more complicated than that as his mother-in-law recently passed away leaving them some cruise credits so he finally took his "Passover Cruise." I went to Miami to finally see the youngest grandchildren for Passover. We were comparing notes on Passover but moved on to the fast passing weather. Within seconds his TV began to scroll a Tornado Warning for his area (see above) and the adjacent area where several of my kids live.  He immediately took a picture of the lake behind his house. So I sent a message via WhatsApp to the family group warning the kids. They often have 100s of Apps but until someone in a WhatsApp tells them there's a weather event they don't know. As my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter explained to friends recently "don't need a weather app ... cause my mother..." yup they just wait for the phone to blow up from everyone posting pics on Whatsapp.

Within minutes one daughter grabbed her baby went outside and took pics. Is that a great pic or what?

The oldest son driving carpool took this picture of the line moving across South Broward County (basically North Miami these days as most of Miami Dade County just oozed North across the County line much like the tornado.) Looks like a May Monsoon but no it was the line that spawned the tornado. 

Then the Aventura son who just became a father grabbed his camera and sent this picture with the tag (the wind is pushing his car) as he was driving back from Broward near the tornado. His wife and sister told him "not to say that" which I suppose is a good method of dealing with stress. He then began sending pictures from the Wizard of Oz and making jokes. He knows his weather at least....

(not my child above...)

Yup, that's how yesterday played out in South Florida with tornado warnings popping up on the TV screen and Whatsapp Gone Wild and confirmation this morning of 2 relatively small tornadoes touching down briefly yesterday. One Twister was literally at FLL airport which is actually in Hollywood Florida where my kids now live but what is in a name? A relatively small tornado being relative to where you are when you are taking the video of the air moving in circles in your nice little gated community. Since moving back to Miami my older son has now had a hurricane and a tornado hover over his house. Great video but he's very private so not posting the video of the street on which he lives. My grandson is cute but no pics as that daughter is very private. Notice a trend here? Weather pictures always allowed on social media. Young kids use social media wisely. Baby Boomers just keep posting crap on Facebook thinking "no one will see it but my chosen friends" because they don't understand the screen shot is forever. Nothing personal to Baby Boomers but they can be a bit naive. They must have drunk the Kool Aid on "peace love and happiness" a bit too much to understand the real world the way Millenials do. I was raised in the 80s in LA personally. I know that because a Facebook Quiz told me so. And, you know what? In a way it's true as I really did "grow up" while living in LA in the 1980s. It's odd when LA seems more sane than life in Miami in the fast lane. 

I'm "home" in Raleigh packing for Seattle where I will be for a week because according to my smart grandson in Seattle his father "guilted me into it" (love that kid) and no he did not "guilt me into it" I love being in Seattle with him and his family. I love it beyond words. I just do not love packing again (it's wintry there the summer suitcase for Miami won't work) and I just put the house back together after getting back from Florida. I get home after the Mercury Retrograde ends (but who is counting besides Fishing and Me?) and then I have some time to relax before the holiday of Shavous and obsessing over the soon to come Hurricane Season. 

As I said yesterday in the blog.... When you have cold fronts pushing down across Florida where they hang out waiting for the next impulse in the Gulf of Mexico to slide through you get that much closer to the Hurricane Season. Before the Hurricane Season is the May Monsoon if you are really keeping track here. It's been dry in South Florida they could use rain. I asked my brother what if it's a "Dry May" (seen collectively as a possible problem come Hurricane Season) and he said "you cry in September" as it then depends on where and when that large huge Bermuda High sets up in relation to Florida.

Have a great day. Note it was on the news too. Some people (Baby Boomers posting cat pics and ranting on Facebook) still watch the news. If they went on Snapchat they'd know Rachel took the baby down to the pool, Shayna went out somewhere and is tired as... and my son is finishing his thesis at FIU on Architecture and enjoying life with his classmates while they are all still together before they have to use social media to stay in touch. 

That's the theme here. Staying in touch with social media. Through life events be they weather related or not it's the way of our world these days. I'm changing planes in Chicago because back when I made the ticket I figured winter would be gone by April 11th. Haha silly Miami girl... Everyone keep good thoughts please. I want to fall asleep in Seattle early tomorrow morning. Bought this book for my trip. Aside from the cover .... it had me at the first paragraph. A friend passes on after leading an incredible life doing what he loved most. Not a bad life, plus he shared what he was learning with others. It's all about sharing...

Much love.
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Time is slip sliding away.
One day I'm going to write a book called either "Me and Fishing" or "Playing with Peter" or "Living a Stormy Life" or....   gotta pack. Yes I bought a book because I'm old school and love turning the pages and the feel of the paper.

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