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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hurricane Season 4 Months Away. School in PR JUST Got Electric Back While Much of PR is STILL in the DARK. Lunar Eclipse Photos.

Remember when?
The 2017 Hurricane Season seems like the past.
But in Puerto Rico it's an ongoing story.
It's an ongoing struggle.

Yesterday was one of the inspiring sort of days when images flood my feed from the Lunar Eclipse. Each image had it's own beauty; some taken with cellphones and others with expensive cameras. Each one caught a different angle. But the most inspiring moment yesterday came when the video of power being restored to a school in Puerto Rico was shown in those same social media feeds. Yesterday, 112 days after Hurricane  Maria slammed into Puerto Rico the power was turned back on in one school where children cheered. Mind you the children had been learning without the electric on as life goes on even without the use of lights or air conditioning and trust me Puerto Rico can be hot in September and October. It can be hot all year some years when cold fronts don't make it down that far into the Caribbean.

I remember after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when a fleet of power trucks made it to my block everyone began gathering on the sidewalk, staring out of windows and watched and waited for that moment when the power came on. After word spread that they said they hoped to have it on my later in the day the wait began. People positioned themselves by their windows watching as if it was the Super Bowl. And, I have to tell you when the electric comes on the first thing you notice is the noise not the lights. There is this sudden burst of sounds you are used to every day running in the background but that were silent for weeks in 1992 on my street. People waved and cheered as if a battle had been won. That battle, that struggle is still going on today in February of 2018 as a good part of Puerto Rico is still without power. School by school they are trying to get back to normal. Normal will be much longer for small homes in villages that may wait until news of the new 2018 Hurricane Season is around the corner.

This really worries me as this season is forecast by many to be just as busy if not busier than the 2017 Hurricane Season. Much depends on how strong the tropical waves are and where the high sets up and where hurricanes will go once they formed.  Hopefully none will take aim directly at some place like Puerto Rico the way Maria did in September of 2017.

Yes this is a gentle reminder.
2018 Hurricane Season begins in 4 months!
As we battle the flu this winter.
The hurricane season is lurking out there.
No flu shot against the Hurricane Season.
But you can prepare.
Now is the time to think on what you need.
Moving to Wyoming really isn't an option...
So prepare. Please.

Now let's talk on the moon.
The Sunrise Eclipse.
Bloody Red.
Blue Blood.
This eclipse had so much hype.
And it seems to have lived up to the hype.
Enjoy the pic my brother took in Florida.

He's popular on Instagram for his photography.
Sweet and golden.
Ron Schwartz
@rgsappraisal on Twitter

My brother (in South Florida where it's warm) woke up early and went out in search of the beautiful moon. He lives near a lake, he has a nice view of the Western sky and it worked out perfectly for him. He took that dramatic picture shown above. If I could have watched from my yard I'm sure I'd been out there. 

I have to be honest I didn't bundle up and wander around any fields in NC looking for a good view of the eclipse that was low to the horizon just before dawn in my neck of the woods. I know where I probably could have gone but decided to pass on it. I've just gotten past the flu and I didn't want to risk a relapse. I did get a nice picture earlier in the evening the night before just as it was rising at dusk. Dusk is probably one of my favorite times of the day and it's always hard to get a good shot with my phone that tries to adjust the color; smart isn't always so smart it seems. But there the moon was hanging over North Hills in Raleigh looking spectacular. I figured after getting such a nice view I should call it a victory and watch the eclipse online from under the covers. Thanks for everyone who sent me awesome pictures. My picture below when the moon was rising hours before the actual eclipse.

Luckily Michael McGee took the picture below; an awesome, magical picture in Charleston that Shea Gibson shared on Twitter. Look at that... incredible.

Oddly another beautiful shot was in black and white of the International Space Station seen across the face of the moon. My brother in Greece used to follow the ISS years back, not sure if he still does and my local weather forecaster in Raleigh showed the image on TV as he's a fan. Many people enjoy trying to get a glimpse of the ISS. Many local weather people on the nightly news mention when it's going to be visible in their area. Great picture.

As for the weather forecast...
It's going to get rocky again soon.
There is much talk about a storm forming.
A winter storm.

See those swirls out West...
They be moving this way soon.

sat_wv_west_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Stay tuned.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps For everyone battling the flu .... feel better, hang in there and lay low and take it slow and get healthy fast!

Enjoy the fun video with the beautiful song hidden inside :) You know when you are from Miami when everyone in this video looks so normal... and yeah I've broken a few flip flops throwing them :(

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