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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter Solstice... Are You Traveling for the Holidays? Snow Wishes and Rainy Kisses

It's cold and rainy in Raleigh.
Not freezing but getting colder.

Seems the Christmas Weekend forecast is an ever moving target in parts of the country. And what happens in one part of the country can affect others not really living there. Let's say for instance you are leaving LA to fly to see your parents in NYC and you have your typical non-stop inexpensive flight that makes a stop in Chicago. Your trip may be severely impacted by wintry weather in the Chicago area. Let's say you are driving from Miami to NYC to see your parents and your sister flying in from LA for a family reunion for the holidays. You may have a long, messy drive up I95 and when you get there you can flip a coin whether the forecast will verify or not. Then there's areas West of the Appalachian mountains that may get crappy weather that could bring snow or just bring more frigid rain so transferring in Atlanta or Charlotte to that family reunion in NYC may put you in shared misery with the sister flying in from LA. Why doesn't anyone stay in one place anymore???

Your Aunt Martha who doesn't like to fly may be nervous about taking Amtrak into Penn Station even though she's thrilled she's not going to get stuck on an airplane in Atlanta because there was or wasn't a fire that turned the power out.

Does anyone really want to travel in this age of virtual reality when we can all do Facetime while opening our presents without battling the elements or the thought of flying, driving or taking the train. Makes you wonder when Amazon or Google are going to come up with that transporter they used on Star Trek. Pretty sure a lot of people would prefer taking their chances with that then traveling this holiday weekend.

Have you ever noticed they make everything these days into an ornament? But, I'm digressing.

The forecast for Christmas weekend has changed so often that I really don't want to put my thoughts onto the blog here just yet.

The freeze line is staying near the Virginia border as they seem to be hogging Jack Frost and holding him hostage. People in North Carolina don't want freezing weather, however they do want snow. Kind of hard to get snow when the temperatures are in the low 50s at Noon. Unless cold wet air moves down this way we will continue wishing on snow and being wet as we take our morning run.

Rain remains in the SE

Note Great Lakes = winter weather (duh)
Wyoming.... well it's Wyoming.
If you live in the SW...
...stay there ;)

TWC is doing cat photo contests. I'm not a cat hater. I like cats. But obviously there is a lack of weather to talk about.. if they are doing pet picture contests. 

Michael Ventrice puts it well.

And Accuweather....
...well they don't have much to talk about.

Snow in the Great Lakes is par for the course.

Hope springs eternal.
Keep hoping.

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice.

Yes, winter begins tomorrow.

It's like this... I grew up in South Florida. As a young adult I lived in LA. I'm kind of used to there not being snow during the holidays. Bright neon lights strung up in palm trees while sun baked, brightly burned tourists wandered around town smelling of either Novacaine or sun tan oil. Winter meant the invasion of the NY tourists (snow birds) and hurricane season was far away. We stayed inside in our beds late at night with the AC on high while getting in the mood by watching White Christmas late at night on whichever channel was showing it. If Old Man Winter wants to be a kill joy and keep all the snow in Alaska this year (and the Great Lakes) then... life will go on. Make a Margarita, put on a Jimmy Buffet CD and deal with it!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.... if you really must obsess.

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