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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dry Season VS Wet Season. Monsoons Then Hurricanes? Flow of Time... Time Keeps Flowing.

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Random thoughts on random weather events and the coming Hurricane Season. In truth the "Hurricane Season" is a collection of events that really begin with the "May Monsoons" in South Florida. The set up of the Bermuda High and the  movement of pools of moisture that pop up and appear out of seemingly nowhere in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. There are bigger long term factors at play here, however they do not appear on daily satellite imagery nor do they catch our attention.

But we go online suddenly and see color appearing in the Gulf of Mexico and near the Bahamas. Down near South America a blob of red readies itself to depart into the Eastern Pacific. People in South Florida begin whining about the lack of rain and drought and fires burn out of control in parts of Florida in need of moisture. Normally... Mother Nature hears the cries for rain and sends a drought buster with heavy, flooding rain in Mid May. Usually when the system works. Currently the High is anchored over Florida and the dry Southeast US and there is a weak, anchored Bahama Low that will in theory go out to sea. Welcome to 2017 a year that has yet to be reckoned with tropically speaking.

A lot of moisture and "energy" is caught in that Low.

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Official comments from the NHC are below:

You know that old saying....

It's just part and parcel of the flow of this time of year.
A rearrangement of weather in the atmosphere.

We are not there yet on our journey.

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There is still a zonal sort of flow.

Basically this is Spring in the N Hemisphere.

Spring in Florida means they are playing baseball, but not football. The Spring Breakers have arrived, but snow birds have not left yet. Weather poets wax poetically on ocean currents, salinity and patterns in the atmosphere predicting a quieter than normal season while Mother Nature laughs and plans a drought buster somewhere that will wake everyone up.

People celebrate Passover or Easter as holidays that arrive at the seasonal mark awaken us to the spirituality of nature unfolding in not so subtle ways before our eyes. People pack their winter clothes away in parts of the country and in South Florida they go on partying enjoying the mild weather before the humidity that brings consistent rain back into the region. Snow is up where it belongs to misquote an old sappy song.

It's a process, it happens slowly over time.
And then one day there's an Invest.
An advisory issued on a weak tropical disturbance.
Rain falls somewhere and people smile.
Air gets moved from the Equator to the Poles.
Until then we live in Zonal land...
...watching loops.

Sometimes floaters appear.
We are not there yet.
Just enjoy the show ....

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El Nino or No Nino storms form...
Somewhere, somehow.
Seasons change.
Weather flows.
It's just a matter of time.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Ps... Song stuck in my mind.
I see a couple, passionately kissing in the rain.

Good video.. I see a way better one in my head.
Thank you...

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