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Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Problem With Snow

Problem with snow is that the blooms are on the trees, leaves are on the trees and some produce has begun to grow in Farmer John's garden. A heavy snow can weigh down those blooming Cherry Blossoms and damage the trees in randomly odd ways depending on the size of the tree. A lot of "it depends" sort of intangibles today and that happens in years when Mother Nature tries to wrestle back control late in the season.

So today's post is more a tease than a long read. Putting it up here to see how it compares with tomorrow's forecast.

I'm wearing thin Luluroe Spring like leggings today with a short sleeve shirt. Getting hard to decide what to wear as it's cold in the morning and 75 in the afternoon with a forecast of snow for Sunday.

And want to add in one more thing.
Has Tecumseh come back to life?
I guess if he was a character on GH he could.

Second big storm threat in the same region.

Again August Total Eclipse tracks over the same area.

Are these things connected?
Who knows.
Just seems kind of curious....

Stay tuned to see who gets snow this weekend.
As the storm moves a bit to the East...
...we will have a better idea.
Models will improve.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps.... you thought I was going to play Jimmy Buffett?
Or Total Eclipse of the Heart?

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