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Monday, October 12, 2015

10 Things I Hate About You Stadium High School Field Floods in Tacoma. Twisters in Tampa. Autumn Leaves in NJ & Seattle. Key West Sunrise. Tropics quiet today ...

Since the NHC is still ignoring the models on tropical development.
And they are days away of forming.
First the front has to move down... then maybe something forms.

So........Let's talk movies and weather and places I love.

Remember this famous scene in 10 Things I Hate About You?

Keep reading...

The Seattle/Tacoma area had over 2 inches of rain the other day. And, the video of the Stadium High School Field is making the rounds on TWC and online. The tropics are quiet so they got to talk about something now that Carolina is drying out and we have blue skies again.

My son in Seattle always tells people. Seattle doesn't have a lot of "rain" it has ongoing, nonstop drizzle. We can get more rain in Miami than Seattle gets. Note they also get some snow melt, though not a lot. Palm trees grow there.

Just barely 2 inches of rain caused this waterfall and pond to form in Tacoma. Seattle does have elevation, hills, mountains and even a little rain can obviously become a dangerous problem if you are down stream. Of course if you are a kid.. it's the coolest thing you have seen ever.

Miami gets up in the high 60 inch rain depending on if we have a strong monsoon season or wet hurricane. No snow melt tho...

Both are great cities to film movies in and this particular High School was used in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You! One of the few filming sites we didn't go to it was in Tacoma.. but we watched the movie IN Seattle which was fun or funny which ever way you think on it.

On a rainy day..note the bay in the background..

Another view for those of you using Netflix and not watching TWC.
A lot of people don't watch "cable" anymore so filling in the gaps for you.

As for the Tornado in Tampa.. Happens.
Basically its a waterspout ....
Waterspouts stay out over the water usually.
The drama begins when you are on a long bridge out over the water.

Reminds me of the Miami Waterspout Tornado that took on the bus on the bridge.
It ended better in Miami.. 
..if you were expecting a letter or check in Tampa in the mail.. 
You might have a problem.


On the ground you can run.
On a bridge over the bay... not so easy to get away.

Great data & pic above from this site below!

Note in Miami it started out over the ground and tried to get to Miami Bch.

So if you are on Netflix and wondering what they are talking about..
..on The Weather Channel during the Tropical Update.
It's floods in Tacoma and Twisters in Tampa!

For those of you wondering on Fall or Autumn, which ever way you prefer it.
Its not really in the Carolinas yet.
They keep saying that but they really mean UP in Carolinas.
High country Asheville, Greenville.. all the villes up in the hills.

So here are two pictures from both coasts.

Seattle, so pretty. Contrast between gold and gray.

Note how BRIGHT it is there ...despite the gray sky.
It's not NC or NE gray, but a lot of LIGHT.

NJ with blue skies and red trees.

There you go. 
An unbiased news from both coasts view of Autumn Leaves.

If I ever get to Asheville again I'll send pics.
It's on my bucket list.
Yes.. I have a bucket list before I leave and don't come back here no more.
The list was started recently, it's growing fast.
Things I've rarely done or never done.
But want to do before I'm gone, gone, gone.

Does Savannah have Fall? Autumn Color? Jax does some so guessing Yes.

Lastly my brother took this in Key West yesterday.

Nothing like watching a rain shaft at sunrise in Key West.

Oddly sometimes clouds make the sunrise better.
Something to think on...

Sometimes a cold front brings the tropics alive.
Something to think on down the line.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... note OHO brought that moisture to Seattle Tacoma...
Same way Joaquin helped sink South Carolina.
Oh and I 95 is FINALLY open.

Note when you get a BOWL stadium..any bowl.. add elevation and rain.
It floods.
Think of the 9th Ward in Nola or how New Orleans is like a bowl.
Fills with water.
Not often, but often enough ..


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