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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Donate Now to Clean up in SC. Death Toll up to 17. Tropics Quiet Tho MJO is On the Way. Joaquin Doing Spain. News and thoughts on Memories..

Let's talk about the tropics

Let's talk about the tropics.
The tropics are quiet.
Nothing is going on.
Good... we need a respite right now.

This is a transition period.
The trough that pushed away Joaquin..
...kept on pushing.
It's visible in the Water Vapor Loop below.
There's another front coming soon.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

Where is Joaquin you wonder?
Far far away exit right.
Rain in Spain.

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

SW Carib shows some potential.
Climo would favor that area.
Something moving up towards GOM and Florida.

What is going on in the Caribbean?

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

3 letters define possible development in the Atlantic.

There may be a set up for tropical trouble.
The models, not the Euro, have been whispering development.
We are waiting for the Euro.
I am waiting for the Euro.
And, a yellow circle somewhere....
Just saying if you hear about something....'s being given weight by the MJO moving towards the basin.
Most meteorologists LOVE the MJO.
Some remain skeptical.

Levi Cowan is a believer.

Note in many ways we are always monitoring the tropics.
Way before an Invest forms.. or doesn't.
Meteorologists are monitoring potential areas.

Then there is Dabuh an expert in weather and surf reports.

Take a look at the loop for yourself.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Just posting some images of areas convecting.
Yes, that is a verb in my book.

Here's another look at a way the tropics are monitored... 
Good link to become familiar with below:

You get a grid view over time of areas being monitored.

The NHC is working on an upgrade to their site.
They are looking for comments.
Take a look and join in the conversation.
Hey...that's what they said...

Now the AFTERMATH of Joaquin Part of the Blog.
Please keep reading.

Mike posted this video on his Facebook site.
He's everywhere.... 

It gives the answer of WHY they closed the roads.

Must see video.
Go to Mike's site and watch.

Note waters receding have their own problems.
The water has to go somewhere.
In Miami water goes down through the porous coral rock..
...into the Biscayne Aquifer.

Carolina is different.
The same red clay we hear about in Georgia... in the Carolinas.
It doesn't dry out normal.
Rivers of mud, red mud, dry hard as if..
...Mother Nature is making clay art!

And water keeps on rolling down the river ....
....until it finds it's way out to the Sea.
It takes mud and debris with it.
It creates areas of flooding along it's way.
There is some more rain coming.. 
..not a lot but any is a problem.

Some good news links regarding the ongoing flood concerns in SC.

Note the comment "material goods can be replaced"
...but the memories..oh the memories.
They are just things; stuff that memories are made of...
Things you look at to remember.
The house remains but all the reminders of gone.
In your mind for as long as you remember... 
Maybe write those memories down.
Because the pictures and souvenirs are not there anymore in some places.

So as for cleaning up after Joaquin.
Going to take a while.
Beautiful stories of people helping people.
Finding photos and bringing them back... they can try and salvage something.

Interesting for me to read as I have been going through a move. I've been getting rid of lots of things; saving other things. What is it with men they just don't want to let any "thing" go ?? My brother in Miami is proud of his collection of flashlights in the closets and equally older batteries. They go bad after a while... My sister in law regularly goes on a cleaning spree and argues with him about throwing out old saved packages of soaps from hotels and motels they have visited. They are very comfortable luckily, they buy soap all the time but getting men to give up those things isn't easy. Yes I often keep those relish and mayo packs in a drawer from some place that puts 6 mustard into a "to go order" (why would anyone need 6 packages for one hamburger or 6 soy sauce for one sushi order??) because if I am out of relish (happens) I have an emergency pack. After Hurricane Andrew... we had mustard on our cold cuts because I saved them. But some things need to be thrown out or given away.

If you have something that has sat in the back of a cabinet for 8 years unused.. you probably do not need it. Someone who lost their home in a flood or doesn't have money for a mug may want it. Someone who may never get to Hawaii may want your Hawaii mug to keep as a reminder of where they want to go for their 10th Anniversary. Give it away to someone who can use it. As a mother who raised my kids on my own with little help from anyone..back when I was divorced and they were small ... I bought a lot of things at Red, White and Blue thrift shop in North Miami. Loved that place. Found things I gave away when I moved back from LA to Miami and gave away a lot of stuff there over time. Really why as a culture do we hoard a box of AAA batteries that were bought 10 years ago?  ???

Now might be a good time to give dinero $$$ to the good old Red Cross. Money... 

Now might be a good time to give things you no longer want to people who might want it; who might need it way more than you obviously did not if it is sitting in a closet unused in ten years.

Contact your local place of worship or a community service group and see if they are collecting food, toys, diapers, clothes for people in the flooded region. Many are collecting and trying to get it to the right places in South Carolina.

Note the article and passages about Chabad of South Carolina. They are a Jewish group that provides many services to people in Columbia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

Note it will take a while to put all the roads back together again....
It will take a lot of money to put people's lives back together again..

Locally they dealt with the flooding that came during a Jewish Holiday.

Sukkoth, the holiday of booths when you eat and party outside.
This year...the booths looked more like boats or floating arks.

Everywhere help is needed.

The drought may have been busted.
But people's spirits are not busted.

Floods are the great equalizer.
They don't care if you are black or white.
Christian, Jewish or Muslim.
They don't care if you are overweight or thin.
Young or old.

And everyone needs help.

Note death toll is up to 17.

Misty water colored memories....water covered memories indeed.
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind.

The clean up means people need things.

A lady on TV was grateful neighbors brought her photos they found.
Pictures that had floated out of her home and into their yards.
She said she had been meaning to scan them and put them online.
We've all been meaning to scan those pics ...
We've all thought of taking pics of kid's schools projects ...
...rather than holding on to tattered remains in the bottom of a closet.
Make an album online on some photo shop company....
I have a few nice albums from pics I saved on my computer :)

Do it now!

Because they may float away in a flood...
...or take flight in a tornado.

What are memories to you?
Record your memories, scan your photos.
For your children and loved ones...

Give the old crap away that you haven't touched in ten years.
Do it now.

To you it's an old momento or even a piece of junk.
To someone else it may be a plate or pot they need but couldn't afford.

Something to think on..
People cannot be replaced. 
Memories are all that remains.

Besos Bobbistorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps. Good show in Jacksonville going on about when Mother Nature goes on the Rampage. My words, check it out for yourself. Weather happens every where and earthquakes have no warning. Learn now. Make a plan. Scan pics. Give money or things you don't need. I know I am ... mug by mug, casserole dish by casserole dish. How many casserole dishes do you need anyway?


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