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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Post Coverage of Joaquin..On It's Way to Spain. So many people asking "WHY?" High Death Toll When All is Said and Done. I95 Still Closed in SC... Floods in Texas. Music tells the story... sort of . . .

A Kafkaesque look has come to the coverage on TWC of the Historic Flood that was a result it seems of an "Atmospheric River" that was just recently discovered.  Ain't really got nothing to say Willie Nelson sings . . .cause really don't have answers for you. So many "whys" left behind.

They can't answer the big questions.
Why did the El Faro leave port and take on Joaquin?
They made it through Erika (ummm not Joaquin)
Though when they left perhaps they thought Joaquin...
...would go the way of Erika?

We may never know for sure.

Either way... 
They can't explain why the "Pizza Lady" took the Pizza?
Was it all she had in the house?
Did she buy it with her last few dollars?
Is she really that into Pizza ...she didn't want it to go to waste?
Hungry? Starved? Likes Pizza?
She should definitely be their new spokeswoman.
She knows how to speak. 
Her interview was riveting.
Maybe they should let her cover the weather.
She was intense, compelling.
But why the pizza?
Well she got the dog and the pizza to be fair.

Why is there no normal site to show info on I95 in Carolina?
Do they just figure everyone has WAZE so it's not a problem?
I have a confession to me... 
..sometimes WAZE is really annoying.
But it often saves the day.
Probably destroys marriages as some men ...
...just don't get it... 

Then there's the 15 people who died.
Many drown and some are complaining it was not publicized enough.
TWC is going for an EMMY for their nonstop 24/7 coverage.
Oh.....a lot of people don't watch TWC.
They do Netflix and HULU.
I mean nonstop coverage of the flood of the century...
Yet until people see the creek rise ...
..and the dam breach... 
They just don't believe it.

Sad, really sad.

Actually its a miracle that more people did not die.

The Pizza Lady is right.
They are just possessions.
Never let the possessions own you!

At least we have weather apps and the NWS.
Years ago the creek rose and no one knew... 

The Catastrophic Insurance Adjusters are on the scene already.
Floods are easy they told me. One small area and you can move about faster.
Get more done. Get more claims filed faster.

South Carolina is having a Live Press Conference.
Roll up our sleeves and get the job done.
Register with FEMA.
If we tell you to leave an area.. please leave.

My son is driving back from FL to NY today.

South Carolina welcomed him....

And then.............they detoured him...

A long detour...something about Florence SC...

Note the beautiful Carolina Blue Sky..

Meanwhile life goes on.
The atmospheric river is flowing somewhere else today.

Joaquin is way out there...............

It's a backwards Cape Verde Wave.
Went West not East to there rather than from there.

I have a friend who does astrology.
She insists this is the Retrograde Hurricane From Hell.
Hard to argue that one...

The final track will be a doozy for the history books.

Bahamas and the Azores. 
Go figure.

And it sunk Carolina as much as the El Faro without even making landfall.
Okay one part of the whole "fire hose" discussion.

Winter is retreating into Indian Summer.
I always did love that Indian Summer.
But.........I digress...

Texas, by the way, had serious flooding as well.
Not connected in any way to Joaquin.

Miles and miles of roads across the US ripped up from flooding...

One thing I'll say about the Pizza Lady...
...she's got passion. 
If you are going to cover the weather... need passion.

Otherwise... it feels like a Kafka novel.
Dark, sad, strange and surreal.

Down the road... 
We may hear about flooding rains in Spain.

Discussion is not as exciting as the Pizza Lady youtube.
And the post game coverage on TWC is less than overwhelming.

There is some discussion that something may form in the GOM... about a week or so.
Models are giving higher chances then before.
Are we really going to watch any model but the Euro right now?
The HRWF was spot on with intensity... not much else.

They are talking about the dust, it's making me sleepy.

Lastly going to talk on OHO.
That's the name of a storm.
In the Pacific.

In the year of 2015... 
California can't get rain from a record El Nino.
It's going to the YUKON..
Canada or bust!

Couldn't sleep last night.
I was remembering the oddest things.
You know when you start thinking on one thing...
...and always come back to the other.
The song Imagine.
Slow dancing to Imagine.
Ever slow dance with someone?
You remember it forever.
Then there is the "WHY"
Why did we dance?
Why didn't we dance more?

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Yes, Kafkaesque was the nicest thing I could say.

Worth reading if you haven't.
Discussion in depth on El Faro Sinking


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