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Saturday, July 05, 2014

NHC Says NADA. Cape Verde Wave Flaring UP. Close in off E Coast.. Arthur Gone. Poof!

Officially there is nothing going on.... that's what the NHC says. Officially closed for July 4th Weekend after the hard work put in on Hurricane Arthur.
Sort of ironic that the first named hurricane of the year hits the US mainland during a season that everyone wanted to write off because of El Nino that was as late as the cold front that was supposed to steer Arthur away and keep him off shore. The models know a lot..we need to learn more.
In the tropics tonight there is an awesome Cape Verde Wave shooting off fire works like convection and another small area off other East coast of Florida that is probably nothing ...but could use watching as it's the breeding ground that gave us Arthur.
Is that a WOW or what? Early, a lot of Saharan Dust in the area but that's a wave that wants to go the distance. The one before it added some moisture to the ITCZ and may allow this one to get further than the last. Hard to say for sure ... models only know so much it seems. What's interesting about this wave is that it blew up AFTER leaving land and hitting the water. So many blow up over land and fizzle as they hit the water. A real hmmn
I'll be busy tomorrow with July 4th weekend sort of things... but will update the blog if anything shows up on the maps.
The bridge to the Outer Banks is open... so.. that's good, they will get in some vacation time and will see what we will see there soon.
Besos Bobbi
Ps.. Have a great 4th of July Weekend.. or whatever is left of it..


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