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Monday, October 07, 2013

Tornado Watch in NYC, Invest in Atlantic, BOC Convection Ignored & Possible Wave in Central Atlantic.. Shhh Karen

2 PM and then there were none...

It's that kind of day where you are looking for trouble in all the wrong places. The Invest in the Atlantic barely shows up on the satellite imagery and the NHC gave a Yellow Circle at 8AM  to the Atlantic closer in and the ever popular BOC is hot and not highlighted anywhere.  And, the mess in the BOC is not going towards Mexico. Just odd... actually has a decent spin there on various loops but I chose this one to see the remnants of Karen which are going to rain on my son's house and I told him he wasn't getting it because it was going North so hope he's busy with business and not reading my blog.

Then again most my kids don't read my blog... many people close to me don' that's okay with me cause I can say whatever I want then without worrying on hearing about it on Facebook.

BOC...what a little spin it's got going there. If Karen had that spin we'd be in business.

20131007.1445.goes13.wv.fd.x.jpg image

See? Catches your eye really fast doesn't it? Hmnnn Also a messy wave waving off the coast of Africa a front cut across the country.

Tornado Watch up for NYC...

NYC and 11213 under the gun today for severe weather

Not a good day to be driving up or down I-95 today

(if he tries to sell you something... just look at the loops... 
sounds like a MLM to me but great resource for I95)

of course in the car on my cell phone I never hear that message

anyway... home resting today because I'm under the weather
allergies or asthma or both 

Just a real plethora of weather news today going on

As for the tropics they are sort of back burner as we wait for some models to play out

There has been talk that the remnants of Karen would meet up with the convection in the Atlantic 
and the front sort of dies out dangling with Karen remnants at the bottom
which after taking some incredible tangy energy drink
went bonkers and becomes a coastal low that moves
up the coast...

I wish I was on the Outer Banks today
or maybe Morehead  City

I need the fresh air blowing in my face
fresh blowing sea air in my face

Models for the Invest take it into the Ocean and curve it out to sea

Though you never know so really worth watching either way... curiously watching

This is where my mind is today...
Coral Gables
Home Sweet Home

Amazing the mind that built and designed and thought of that City Beautiful.

I was born there... lived in the Roads ... on Miami Beach... out near this Western Gate of the Gables too

Love Coral Gables.

See what asthma meds do to you? 
You move the bed to be near the window and find musical tapes you hid under the bed
that you decided you never were going to listen to...oops.

Nice blog:

I used to go with my best friend Robin after school when in college & we'd play backgammon there
knew a guy who had a backgammon table as big as a pool table.. nice guy.. never dated him
Just is strange the things that come to mind when you are sick

Like for instance I am a really bad, bad bowler.. 
unless I am doing it on pinball

But, today is a day to watch the weather along the East Coast 

Look at that front cut thru...the area to the right where the yellow circle was at 8 AM

It's raining in Raleigh currently...finally...

If I was the NHC I'd put a circle up with maybe 10% chance or their infamous 0% in the BOC 

So if you live in NYC... watch out...or NE...really, really, REALLY watch out...

If you like a chance of Tropical Wxr forming in the Atlantic watch this loop

And watch the grid of weather at always...

as for me.. I would like to remind people about this advertisement as it really does show what it's like 
not to be able to breathe well ... even if you have your meds & Nespresso 

I honestly cannot watch this video...

but you all should... if anyone you know suffers from even once in a while asthma

Besos Bobbi



For Fishing....its most likely going to be a Fish Storm...

and no I'm not watching though I thought on it but I don't think I have it.. I do have EDTV but no..
no... just going to lie in bed and make sure I breathe today...
Do they still have soap operas on?
(ps the kids really should not have stolen the billboard and put it in the house...really... wrong)

My daughters bought me a movie cause they thought I'd like it..don't have a fever..nope..

anyway... you would cry too if it happened to you :P

(sad loss of a great voice... stylist...)

I'm going.................................


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