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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anniversary Andrew in Miami... Castles, Chateaus & Villas Now in Redlands 21 Years Later - 10% Yellow Circle in Eastern Gulf on

Nothing much happening in the tropics today.

A 10% Yellow Circle in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. A swirl... is it an upper level low or the remnants of the tropical wave that went through the Florida Keys yesterday flooding some of the low lying streets and kicking up the winds so strong I saw some small branches down on the ground.

The Upper Level Low is still holding control in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. For now it will move west and we should keep watching it, but expectations are way down low.

MJO should be moving into our neck of the woods. MJO moving East...Maybe.

This whole season has had the asterisk known as MAYBE...

African Waves are getting stronger... moving to the West.

My friend who shall remain nameless..................(she just made me backspace and delete her name) actually showed interest in THESE waves. Usually she acts "ho hum" but no these are REAL waves.

Now we just need some more moisture in the Atlantic (which these first waves might do) and we might get something cooking... Tropical Stew, Hurricane Gumbo.

The dust needs to go away.............stay away for anything to really get going.

As for me...sorry I haven't been around but being home in Miami means seeing people and regular doctor check ups. My eye doctor is here. I hate going to the eye doctor. I really hate going to the eye doctor. She is good, very thorough. She dilated my eyes twice. So for a good part of the day I couldn't see my cellphone let alone my email.

Oh...and for the first time I know what it's like to mess up a cell phone screen. My android that I had really bonded with finally fell on my daughter-in-law's floor in Hollywood and smashed into a million smithereens. So, unable to decide if I want the new iPhone, the new Windows phone or Galaxy S4 whatever I reactivated my OLD phone and well...couldn't use that when my eyes were dilated now could I?

And, I really like the new Blackberry with the keyboard I don't care what ANYONE says...

I'll figure this out. In the meantime, in between time... we ain't got storms.

Andrew's Anniversary looms in my mind.

So, keep enjoying life and thinking on what you need to do if a storm were to actually form and spin and move towards our side of the basin.

Thanks for your patience and patronage and for being here...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... An article worth reading about how the Redlands has changed since Andrew. Hurricanes come and hurricanes go. We rebuild. Miami and it's western suburbs evolve over time. Miami is so beautiful, every part of it just glows, shines and quivers in the tropical breeze which caresses your head, tousles your hair and brings with it the aroma of frangipangi and orange blossoms. And, they say there are days in the Redlands when the Orange Trees are blooming and it's warm and windy you can smell the scent of orange blossoms in the air along with other tropical florals mixing and mingling delightfully.

Read up on how Homestead and the Redlands have evolved into a place where people buy and build castles and palaces in a tropical paradise.

chateau artisan

Only in South Florida... got to love it!


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