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Monday, June 12, 2017

Tropical Trouble in Carib or GOM or BOC?

athhp.gif (873×397)

Short post as I am on the road North bound for a month of so back to NC. I wanted to point out a few things to think on while having your lunch or dinner while reading this morning's blog. The water is warming up on time in the Caribbean. It is very common for storms to begin this time of year somewhere near the Gulf of Honduras or around the tip of the Yucatan. You can see from the loop above how water temperatures support development there. Then they meander North into the GOM where they either head for Alabama or Florida or loop about in the BOC flirting with the Mexican border and Houston at the same time. It happens.

There is action in the Epac.
Could that itsy bitsy small circulation survive...
... a trek over land?
In truth it's mostly rain we are talking about.

Hazards for down the tropical road.

Point is stay tuned.

I'll post long when the models show consistency.

There is a possibility of development in a week.
Keep watching those loops.

Besos BobbiStorm
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