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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Potential Tropical Cyclone Two forms from 92L

Short post to mark the historic implementation of a potential tropical cyclone alert with watches and warnings up for the islands. This small potential tropical cyclone is cruising fast at 23 mph at 7.5 N latitude and 50.4 Westward.

Please check out details from the National Hurricane Center.

Coming back from the beach currently for Father's Day outing. I'll update w longer post in an hour or so.

Note this morning 93L looked as if it would be the candidate for this historic call. However convection collapsed and a clear cut closed center failed to develop. That center could be over land or there could be two competing centers. Recon was delayed until Monday.

As I stated several times 92L maintained a sense of rotation  across the Atlantic with diminished convection but stubborn model support. Small tropical cyclones often are hard to detect in modeling and on satellite imagery. I posted a wind flow image earlier that showed what appeared to be a circulation center. Check earlier blog post.

I'll update with models, images, watches and warnings tonight.

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