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Sunday, August 28, 2016

UPDATED!! Major Hurricane Gaston. TD 9 Forms from 99L & TD 8

11 PM Update.
TD 8 and TD 9 Still Tropical Depressions.
If TD 8 and TD 9 combined...
...would they be TD 8 1/2 ??
Being silly.
Sorry but long day.

Wind Fields do combine should they both survive.
Add in Gaston is there so it's a threesome!

I wasn't making that up....

There are some things in the discussion you couldn't make up.
For instance in TD9 Discussion we learn it was going SW
Truth is it has always gone left of forecast.
Why they pulled cone to the right I don't get.
But it should become apparent.

They believe TD 9 is going West now.
We will see in the morning.
Needs to pull away from Cuba to intensify.


I'd go with the consensus model TVCN personally.

Gaston is 120 MPH.
Major Hurricane.

That means some upwelling and probably topped out.
Time will tell.
Check back in the morning.

Sneak preview of what I'll discuss this week.
Crazy models for the new African Wave.
GFS makes it into a hurricane by staying low.
Going under islands through Yucatan Channel.
Into GOM.

..but you've been asking.

And it's a race to see which Tropical Depression survives.
Or do they both survive?
Shear is forecast to lessen over TD 8 and stalls a bit over warm water.
Well moves slowly towards the coast. 
Shear forecast to lessen. We'll see...

Watches up for OBX NC
Monitor this system ... 

Most people that live on South Outer Banks told me today..
..unless it's a Major Hurricane they don't pay attention.
Hardy folks used to storms.
SOBX Google it.
Love that part of NC.
Had dinner on the Sound.
Watched the water, sky, waves.
Had a Channel Marker to drink :)
Spent hours at the beach.
Drove through intense storm on the way down.
Beautiful clouds, rain shafts.
Breaking waves. 

Currently sheared.

Naked swirl with a dot of convection.

Compare and contrast to TD 9
Can barely find it, diffuse, messy.
Was going SW all day...
Bright convection down by Isle of Youth... hmnn

Gaston a Hurricane..

You can see the difference.

Let's see if tomorrow brings Hermine.
You never know keep watching.

The beach was beautiful.
Tropical weather is incredible.
Gonna leave you with something Mike said to me tonight.

Yep, they do.
So do we!!

Keep reading post from an hour ago below.

Got to tell you played with the Video Live thingie ...
..not so easy as Mike makes it look.
Great living in 2016
Always something new.

* * *

Busy day in tropics.
Center Stage.
Major Hurricane Gaston

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

As for the Twin Weak Tropical Depressions.
Please read intensity predictions below.
Seeing double vision?

Compare and contrast TD8 with TD9

Neither forecast by the NHC to be Hurricanes.
Both kept at minimal Tropical Storm Status.

That will be updated soon.

But I want you to remember that.

You'll hear talk of the HWRF bombing out TD9
And odd talk on TD8 doing NE

Remember both are forecast to slowly go away.

It is ALWAYS possible that TD9 over the GOM can intensify.
Watch that in real time tomorrow and see what it does.
When it gets past Cuba.

Let's keep this in perspective.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

TD 8 off Carolinas.
TD 9 off .. S Florida Slash Cuba
Hurricane Gaston.

I went to the beach.
Invest 99L predictably became TD9
NINE seems to be it's number.
It has 9 lives like a cat.
Cat 1?

Eight has some crazy karma.
Yin Yang
Remnants of Tropical Moisture from Fiona.
Fiona came from Africa.
It's got a story to tell.

Big huge swirly Upper Level Lows.

Gaston forgotten in his prime.
Alas... no one pays attention to him.
Let's look:

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Major Hurricane!!

Get a grip people.
Pay attention to this beautiful spinner.

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Small yellow circle. Ignore for now.
Big orange circle for African Wave.
I promise I will talk about that tomorrow.

Watch Major Hurricane Gaston spin

avn_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

If you only want to talk on #TD9 you need meds.
Intervention. A support group.

Let it go for tonight.
Note strong breeze... strong wind.

Ended up at Sunset in New Bern.
Stunning place.
Love it.

New Bern. See the Tag :)

I'll update this at 11 when new info comes in.

Tropical Depression #9 Born this afternoon.
Tropical Depression #8 Born this morning.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm <-- breaking="" for="" immediate="" news="" p="">
Ps Will go thru huge update with African Wave tomorrow.
And will update tonight at the top.
Thanks for letting me have fun at the beach today.
And for talking a bit on Mike's Live Feed Updates.


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