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Sunday, August 28, 2016

TD 8 Forms From Fiona Remnant Tropical Moisture Forecast to be Tropical Storm

Cone for Tropical Depression 8 that just formed.

Forecast to become a tropical storm named Hermine.
Most likely Hermine.

Check out wind probs.

Obviously NC VA

some odd ones in there too..
...perhaps track not set in stone?

Makes you go hmmmm

Watched this be born live on line.
Mike was doing a Live Broadcast with his daughter helping.
NHC changed the graphics faster than you could say

While watching Mike's Weather Page LIVE..
..the NHC screen changed and TD 8 was announced!

Local Weather on the Ones still doing taped segment.
TWC didn't mention it but went to 99L 

But we have Tropical Depression 8
And we could have TS Hermine soon.
And that is the remnant moisture from Fiona.
Deal with it.
Should get name Hermine..

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

Note specs of green in the big red blob.
Moving towards the Carolinas.

There it is on our wind map.
Note 99L down there in bottom left.

Visible image

Big wide image below:

TD 8 shows up well.

Yes will deal with African wave later.
Today is gonna be all about TD 8 .. 
..unless 99L also does something.
But 91L may steal the name Hermine.

Keep watching.
I'll update as updates come in..
..going to the beach.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter 

Ps This IS what weather is all about. Especially TROPICAL WEATHER it is fluid. And often changes fast so fast you almost miss it. Models can be right, models can be wrong. Fiona was forecast to bite the dust and go out to sea but a very stubborn vortex always remained and now it's off the coast of the Caroinas far East of her forecast death at sea West of Bermuda flaring up again. Happens. Has happened many times and will again. Did today. NWS Wilmington said this morning it was remnant tropical moisture from Fiona so deal with it I didn't make it up.


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