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Saturday, August 27, 2016

99L Still here. 91L Forms. Game Dots and 99L Support Group Forming. Keep watching it tho .. Models are still watching it... African Wave.

Let's start at the very good beginning.
It's a very good place to start.
When you look at the tropics you'll see...
Gaston out in the Atlantic
91L near the coast of the Carolinas.
Between Bermuda and the Carolinas.
Briefly a yellow X in GOM that went poof
And of course we have 99L..Forever and always.
And oh there's a wave coming off Africa . . .
We will talk on that wave a lot in a few days.

It's worth noting weather people have a sense of humor
I'm going to post some examples here for you to enjoy..

NHC rendition...

Xs and Ox and GasTON

99L still near Bahamas, Cuba, Florida
Invest 91L no one is talking about tho it is close in ??
 Wave coming off Africa.
Spoiler Alert ridge supposedly will be strong ...
Did I say we will talk about it soon?

But all across the nations it's all about #99L still.

rb_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

A lot to cover but not a lot to say definitive. Welcome to the Watch Party 2016 for #99L. I'm beginning to feel some meteorologists may need a support group. Easy to say let it go.. except that models will not let it go and some keep showing dire, disaster drawings for landfalls in the Gulf of Mexico after it moves Westward across some part of Florida or the Florida Straits. It's convection has been slamming Cuba all day. Actually it obliterated Cuba for a while and it just now visible as the heating of the day waned. It greatly intensified the "afternoon thunderstorms" over Cuba.

...we are this close to forming a support group.

Honestly this is Invest 99L tonight.
It's a dot.
Again we are watching a dot.

Convection over Cuba died down.
It's where I said it would be.
Old Bahama Passage N of Cuba.

I showed this the other day.

Okay I was right?
Will anyone remember?
Do I get a star? Or a purple dot?

It was logical as it remained weak.
Obviously it's going to crawl W or WNW.

Yet models still how it exploding maybe in GOM.
So we watch....

Okay so we will watch.

While we are watching 99L ...
... let's look at 91L to it's NNE
See the models that in the long term pull NE
Perhaps 99L crosses Florida in search of 91L?
Just a thought...

It's out there where Fiona's remnants were for a long time..

jsl-animated.gif (1120×480)

I'll translate.
The big spinner out in Atlantic is Gaston.
Stage Right.
Center stage looks like a stretched out dragon:
The dot off the SE coast of Florida.
I know you know 99L

We won't talk about the African Wave just remember it...

So we keep on watching 99L
We go on and see what happens.

I'll be back with more information.
After the first morning visible tomorrow.

Note dots are very in right now.

There's a big game on Android named Dots.

So in the tropics we are playing dots.

The difference is Dots on Android are dots.
Dots on the water vapor loop could become Hermine.

Til then.. Keep watching.

Just remember to breathe.
Get some sleep.
Don't lose your mind over #99L 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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