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Monday, August 29, 2016

TD 8 &TD 9 .. Still Waiting For Them to Develop. Gaston Spins.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Going to start with the water vapor loop.
Then go through cones and possibilities.
You can see Gaston out in the Atlantic.
It's obvious. It's not a threat.
It's also not a wishy washy system.

Down near Cuba or South of Cuba.
Is the moisture associated with TD 9.

I want to go back to something John Morales said..
John Morales is a local met in the Miami area.

Invest 99L now TD 9 has a history of having weather on the South.

Now look at the current imagery of TD 9 
This is from HurricaneTracker App

Okay I was being silly.
Hadn't had my coffee.
I want cortadito but I digress..

It looks like TD 9 is South of Cuba.
Near Isle of Youth.
That is the weather associated with TD 9
Yes there is some weather in the Florida Keys.
But this system has a history of being bottom heavy.
The weather being on the Southern side.
Or let's say Southwest side.
As a matter of fact it moved SW yesterday.
Then Westish again.

Until this system pulls into the GOM...
.. we are just going to watch it.
Yes some models show problems down the line.
Some models always show problems down the line.
Later today I'll discuss the African Wave.
Multiple models show things that may never happen.
We have plenty of time to discuss that wave.

Now looking back up towards the Carolinas.
My friend Mike Seidel is walking in the surf where I did yesterday.
Just in case TD 8 catches it's window of opportunity.
TWC is there.
I interviewed people yesterday.
Locals don't care unless it's a Hurricane.
Tourists from Europe clueless they don't care.
Beautiful place the Outer Banks.
Every part of OBX is different.
Every beach unique.

It's an area prone to storms.
On a quiet day the wind blows.
It was quiet yesterday and beautiful.
Story, rain shafts, clouds building.
Drove through a heavy storm on the way in..

It is hard to find on the water vapor loop above.
I show the wv loop as you can see the ULL
The big swirl you see is the ULL

It's disappearing and TD 8 will be able to breathe.

latest_wv_loop.gif (535×440)

But notice the dark blue teal colors.
Dry air.
Not user friendly for tropical systems.
Gaston in the pocket like a scrambling quarterback 

Small ripple of moisture off TX LA has a small yellow circle.
Might become a bit of a steering current.
Or work in concert with TD 9 IF it develops more.

Pacific is busy.
New wave rolling off of Africa.

I'm going to ignore it here for now.
I'll write long later today.
Possibly show some pictures from my trip yesterday.
Maybe even a video...

Cantore doing a good job this morning on TWC.
He's got better coffee than me.
Great prop they use on air to explain weather.

It's an amazing world we live in today.
So much education and so much lead time to warn people.
And people do love hearing about tropical weather.

At 9 AM Mike is going to do a Live Update on Facebook.
I did a few for fun on my Facebook yesterday.
It's not as easy as it looks.
Just playing a bit.

It's important we all stay on top of new tools.
Tools to properly educate and communicate information.

I'm a writer. I can write long.
I try to keep it easy to read here.

Larry Cosgrove is a good friend.
He is a great meteorologist.
He has mentored many of our bigger mets today on air.
He loves music and weather.
An awesome man.

He's on Facebook, Twitter, Email Groups.
He's everywhere if you look.
What he says is true.

He picks up innuendo on the satellites better than most I know.
Sometimes it's not the BIG stuff that you need to watch.
An example in football... I love watching the coaches.
You learn a lot watching the coaches.
On the Water Vapor Loop... the Upper Level Lows.
They ventilate a tropical wave.. blowing it up.
And they can take down a tropical wave just as fast.
That goes for Tropical Depression 8 and 9 ..
Both struggling ...for now.

Showing this image from NHC as it says it all.

Where Tropical Storm Force Winds Could Go.
Not a for sure .... a forecast.
Note Gaston to the East.
Both TDs there.
All 3 in one graphic.

Watches up along the NC coast for now.
Where I was last night.

And as this says monitor your local weather service.

Know your local weather service.
Good to have a local met on TV
Good to have a favorite weather website.
Twitter gives the fastest updates.
Fast is where it's at these days.

Going to leave you for now with Jimmy Buffett.
I said once he was the Patron Saint of Hurricane People.
I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal with that one.
And it's true.
So watch the loop of Gaston spinning.. swimming.
Gaston is the real deal out there so enjoy from a far..

I'll be back later.. 
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter
Twitter is where you can get real time updates.
I'll update the blog this afternoon.
Thanks for reading.
Enjoy the music...

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