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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fiona WNW. Wave Behind Flaring Up. Give to the Red Cross and Hurricane History Lesson on Indianola Hurricane.

Trying a sort of retro look here with the tropics.
Big world. 
Fiona far away.
Strong, small, shallow center in a larger round pocket.
If Fiona was a child she would be not living up to her potential.
In truth when a child grows up with dysfunction..
It's not always easy to survive in the big world.
Fiona is an example of that.
Now you have weather as a social economic struggle example.
1992 was a dysfunctional year in the tropics and it gave us Andrew.
Fiona is not Andrew.
Fiona is Fiona.

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

I'd use a comma but I've seen larger comma clouds when living in LA.
Okay I'll stop being silly. 
Watching this loop is like going to a hypnotherapist.
Being honest!

Most salient piece of information from the NHC discussion:

 "Although not shown explicitly in the forecast,
 atmospheric conditions could become so hostile
 that Fiona would degenerate into a remnant low" 

The reason is shown below on the Water Vapor Loop.
Try to stay focused on Fiona.
Then look at the multiple upper level lows...

wv-animated.gif (1120×480)

Again far right is the new wave that might become Gaston.
Fiona is the spinning fuchsia, turquoise circle against a white background..
Up in the middle is the feature that could pull Fiona NW.
Currently Fiona is going WNW still ..
...into the dry orange colored air ahead of her.
You can watch Fiona try to budge her way into WNW.

Fiona is not forecast to become a strong anything...

Bottom Line with Fiona

That's me playing with my new phone.
Mourning the loss still of my Windows Phone.
Then again we can talk on Slack so it's okay.
Seriously this is the way of the world with weak Tropical Storms.

Oddly the last Fiona in 2010 was a weak tropical storm... about the same place.
What is in a name?

A track further to the West but similar.

For all of you people who enjoy Home Grown storms...
Gaston was not a Cape Verde Storm...

I'll update this later should anything happen later today.

Yellow circle in the Atlantic.
Clarification in that it's really about the wave still over Africa.
However the wave in between Fiona and the African wave.. looking good this morning.
Good = stronger.
More color.. convection... style than Fiona.

What I do want to do today is Thank Jim Cantore.
Nice segment they did this morning on TWC.

The on air interview highlighted the needs of so many
and a reminder that money, volunteers and prayers
make the world go round for victims of the floods!

I lived through the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.
Actually I lived through Hurricane Andrew.
Luckily our home was strong and survived.
We had no electric, water and it was hot.
But the kids had toys... we had our hurricane supplies.
Every afternoon it rained and I let them play in the rain.
As close to a shower as you could get when there's no water.
Some people walked over to the ocean and went for a swim.
Always wondered what it was really like for a child in a shelter.
That child is lucky to have a shelter to play in...
...lucky people have donated to the Red Cross.
Many good organizations but if you don't know of one..
The Red Cross is ALWAYS there!

My brother Ronnie worked as a volunteer with the Red Cross.
Okay he was doing a public awareness program at Marlin Stadium that day.
Proud of him doing that a while back.
It's not easy getting calls all times of the day and night...
...fires in nearby apartment buildings.

A quote he wrote one night on Facebook:

Count your blessings and donate or volunteer

And today is the anniversary of the Indianola Hurricane.
In those days they were named sometimes for the place of landfall.
Great Miami Hurricane.
Indianola Hurricane.
A little Hurricane History here an often forgotten hurricane.

Maybe a weak west bound Cape Verde Wave that developed late.
Close to the Islands, Hispaniola didn't stop it.
Nor did Cuba. 
Reminiscent in ways of Hurricane Georges WNW track over land.
Hit a small popular town in Texas.

Google it...
It was a community, a world destroyed by a Hurricane.
It never came back like Miami after the 1926 hurricane.

A paragraph from Wikipedia.
If you love hurricane history Wikipedia has a plethora of details.

"In Texas, the hurricane obliterated the town of Indianola that was only just recovering from a powerful 1875 hurricane on the same location. At Indianola a storm surge of 15 feet from Matagorda Bay overwhelmed the town. Every building in the town was either destroyed or left uninhabitable. When the Signal Office was blown down, a fire started which took hold and destroyed several neighboring blocks.[5] The fire destroyed all but two of the town's buildings and killed a large number of citizens. The storm also destroyed two and half miles of railroad track, making communication with Indianola very difficult and complicating rescue efforts.[6] This storm caused fewer fatalities however (46 in Indianola, compared to 400 in the 1875 storm),largely because the storm struck during the day and residents had time to take shelter. The hurricane also ended a severe drought"

And graphs, maps and images.

Not many people know of the Indianola hurricane.
The reason why is the town was obliterated...
#5 on the list of most intense landfalling hurricanes.

Note Camille, Katrina, Andrew, Indianola were all August Hurricanes.

So let's let Fiona spin in the Atlantic.
Give thanks she is not obliterating any coastal city.
Give what you what you can to help the victims of the flood.
And........far away in California is a fire raging, taking people's homes.
As my brother said.. count your blessings every day!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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