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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TD 6 Forms in Atlantic. Forecast to Be Fiona

ft_lalo-animated.gif (720×480)

TD 6 

Cone as expected takes this into a weakness in the Ridge.
Discussion explains how and why they upgraded it tonight.
Basically ASCAT pass as well as Scatteromter data.

It has a better presentation and has maintained convection.
It leads the Tropical Beauty Pageant coming off of Africa.
Wearing a popular red gown with touches of gold.
It's a style that will be popular throughout September.

We can see TD 6 has good form and structure.

Okay let's say it has potential.

Earlier tonight you could see the consolidation of a center.
Some banding and solid SAL to it's NW

You had a solid core in the center of rudimentary banding.

Again note what the NHC said regarding SAL.

"dry mid-level air is lurking just to the north of the depression"

It's been battling SAL since it rolled off of Africa.

The "roll" was evident on this loop as well:

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

You can also see it climbed a drop in latitude today.

Models mostly take this to the NW.
Let's say the more reliable models.
Other models taken into consideration show...
... a slight lunge to the left AKA West.
Those models obviously see a weaker Fiona or TD6
Time will tell but the NHC is with the A Team Models.

Time will tell always.

Note it's being watched from afar...
...and everyone is saying it's a FISH storm.
But hurricane ports of call along the coast are watching.

Far away but watching it!
And watching the next set of waves about to roll off Africa as well.

Remember the polka dots to the NW of TD 6 is SAL.
Looks like it has a bumpy road there...

But look at the size of the waves to follow.
This was always a small, compact system.
Some bigger, stronger looking waves waiting for their turn.

Can Gaston be far behind Fiona?

Stay tuned, 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... it's very, very hot along the Mid Atlantic.
Waiting for that promised cold front.
Cold fronts and Atlantic Hurricanes always go together.
TD 6 is mostly a reminder that there's more to follow...
...and the switch has been flipped on in the Atlantic.
Just on time with Climo.


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