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Friday, August 12, 2016

No Name Storm Over Land Turns Deadly. Emergency Situation Ongoing Along Gulf Coast States.

Sure looks like a Tropical Storm that made landfall doesn't it?

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

What we have above is mucho rain.
Rain created floods.
Emergency situations.
Much pain from so much rain.
Yet a no name rain storm is our highlighted story today.

Tropical Storm Allison caused this sort of misery over Houston.

Allison sort of anchored itself over the Gulf Coast ...
...being fed by a long moist feed via a long tail.
Anchored over the area.

It was as if Houston and other areas were under tropical siege.
Then it's remnants moved East...

Look at that tail.
Wound up for days.
Rained for days.
Took days to clean up after the flood.

Report is below:

Salient information from the report is below.
Shows the play by play drama of declaring Allison a tropical system.

Just anchored itself over the area.
It was June not August.
"eye-like" feature.
Misery ...
...usually seen from a Hurricane.
But Allison was just a Tropical Storm.

Often a fast moving Category 1 Hurricane does less damage..
...than a very slow moving huge tropical storm!

That part of the world is used to floods from Hurricanes.

You know we think that Hurricanes are the problem.
If we get rid of hurricanes we won't have problems.
Hurricanes are part of the way the Earth works.
Energy gets moved around in a coordinated fashion.
Planet Earth is truly amazing.

So here we are in August with no named storm.
And we have an emergency situation as if we had a hurricane.
Okay no wind, though most people die from floods.
You can hide from the wind. 
Run from the storm surge.
But the floods endanger people's lives and lifestyles.
The financial price tag on a flood is huge.

The big picture is below.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

That Upper Level Low in the Bahamas..
...been one around for weeks off and on.
Moisture from the gulf ebbing and flowing within the rainstorm.
Nothing to the North to pick it up and pull it away.


Next FIVE days:

From outer space a Martian would think there's a named storm there.

Sometimes an image is not worth a thousand words.

A thousand news stories today on this deadly situation.

68 year old man dies in Zachary floodwater.

Ironically, sadly..had this been a named storm.
People might have taken it more seriously.
But it's not within the definition of a named tropical system.
If anything it's a Land Cane pulling up tropical moisture.
And these storms can happen here and other places.

Reminds me in ways of the "fire hose" floods from last year.
Hurricane Joaquin was tossing the El Faro around.
Killing people at sea....
...sending them to a watery grave.
The "fire hose" was just a stuck pattern...

Note my post on this last October.

What I am showing you here is that Mother Nature finds a way.
With or without a name. 
By direct result or indirect result weather emergencies happen.
Same end game.

Over the next several days nothing is forecast to form in the tropics.

While the rain remains a huge problem....
... we cheer the fact that nothing is going on in the tropics.
Is a name really that important?
The result of dangerous weather situations is the same.
And far away over Africa is the best wave in a while.
That wave departs the coast of Africa in a few days.
Might have a better chance than the last.
We move towards the end of August.
You know August 18th, 19th... 
Waves have a better chance of developing then.
So keep watching.
Yes there's a lot of dry air.
SAL ...
But the water temperatures are very warm.
For every negative there's a positive.
The drama plays out in real time.
Just as it's playing out in Louisiana today.

Stay tuned.

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps.. It's not over til it's over.
That will become apparent soon.

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