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Thursday, August 11, 2016

August and Hurricane History. Oh Donna... ONLY Cape Verde Storm in 1960


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Nothing happening.
Unless you want to read a long post rambling on Hurricane History.
Go the the beach and enjoy yourself.
If you are back to driving car pool... sorry about that.
Better to be in a pool than driving car pool.
If you want to know why...
...keep reading.

Love y'all ;)

Besos Bobbistorm 
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Blog post below... rambles but you learn a lot.
And NOT spell checking. 
Sinus headache :(

Every go back in time to a place in your mind and remember how things were back then? I do though now days we have Facebook reminding us of our memories with a visual graphic every day of where we were five years ago. Today while the tropics are quiet in our part of the world I'm going to take you back to a few random years to see where we were back then. Note I'm doing this randomly avoiding busiest years but just plain old random years to see in fact how quiet it is today compared to back then. And, I'm doing it with my blog as my blog seems to be a recorded history of the tropics and my life... since 2004.

Hang on, it might be a bumpy ride. Understand 2004 became an important year but in late June many people on line in message boards insisted the season was a dud, dead, over... forget about it. They were so negative they began to rip each other apart and some managers of message boards threatened to take them down. I started my blog so that I could say whatever I wanted...not realizing that one day many people would be reading it. Sort of a lark, a writing experiment of sorts and a place to vent tropically as the message boards that ruled the meteorology online world were filled with much turbulence, a lot of hot air and many troublemakers looking to stir things up as they were bored, bored, bored on the message boards with nothing to track. Fast forward to August and along came Charlie.

I didn't know much about computers other than writing on them. Sort of point and shoot but in this case write my heart out. I sounded really young in retrospect. Like some teenager about to break into a fight song and as if cheering the storm on made a difference. In truth I studied a good amount of meteorology in college along with some oceanography and geology as it all relates to the world of International Relations. Most of world history is tied intricately to the immediate ecozone people live in and those limitations. There was a reason Russia wanted the Crimea then and the same reason exists now as it is a warm water port. When the weather turned bad and the some what unusually warm weather the Norseman had went South so did the Norsemen in search of better lands to farm and hunt. Weather rules everything in the political realm. Just now as I am typing I heard someone on MSNBC use the term "fire hose" in relationship to information coming from Trump at last night's rally. Fire Hose the term of last year with regard to the flooding of Charleston and a good part of coastal South Carolina is being used in the political realm. In the same way words like "STORMING" and "LIKE A HURRICANE" are used to describe larger than life events and movements.

So in 2004 we were dealing with a busy season that brought us Charlie making landfall along the Southwest Florida coast. Tampa lucked out and Port Charlotte did not luck out but became known for ground zero. So we were having land falling hurricanes in August of 2004, something we have not seen for several years. We are way overdue for a land falling hurricane this year.

Spoiler Alert. 
Tampa did not get Hurricane Charlie

Fast forward to 2007

Earlier post shows I was tired. Needed a rest.
Needed a rest translated to go to Key West to Tom's house :)

Apparently I spent Shabbos in Key West.
Everyone was excited to see a real Cape Verde Wave develop.
Note we already had one develop it became Hurricane Earl.

A few days later and note I'm posting cones now...
... Dean looked like it was going to come to Florida.

Okay you win some you lose some.
Dean hit Jamaica though if you look up above..
...Jamaica was in the extrapolated early cone.
Kind of...
...don't invest too much in those first cones.
Early hurricane cones tend to melt like ice cream cones.

It never made the turn.

Doesn't that remind you of Hurricane Earl in a way?

Note it was an interesting year.
A lot of odd storms.
Early landfall of a meager storm Barry.
Then we went late into October and November.

Cape Verde Fish Storm Melissa formed in late September..
... was on the map out there til October.

Felix followed Dean's path. Strong High.

2009 August working on the D storm.
A messy storm not stacked well with many problems.

Spoiler Alert Danny never lived up to the hype.
There was discussion of intensifying and hitting Boston.
Cities along the East Coast were on alert waiting....

A lot of discussion on wind shear and center not stacked well.
2007 slow season.

Strong high as in storms did make it across the pond.
There were some landfalls. 
Not a bumper crop year.

Look at that looper out in the Atlantic.

Hard to find August 11th on my blog.
I was in Key West I believe or back in NC.
Late July we were chasing Bonnie in Miami ...
Not a busy year. Not near the E storm.

Loved the view from that apartment my son had :)
2010 did have landfalls.
Became a very busy season.
We are at the F storm yet 

Colin formed a few days later on July 29th..
A tropical depression that never got a name.
Hurricane Danielle danced in the Atlantic. 
Formed August 19th and became a pretty fish storm.
Earl tried to scare Miami and turned away.

Tomas formed on October 29th...
Killed 71 people as it ran until November 7th.
There's a reason the Hurricane Season doesn't end til November 30th.

Late August we were dealing with Erika in 2015

Back to Danny name....formed August 18th.
Tropically depressing year for storm chasers.
They are currently popping Prozac worrying on 206

I posted this picture in August of Erika remnants 

Odd year where storms popped up, fizzled and tried to come to life again.

Strong SAL last year and it inhibited tropical development.

Will it continue to inhibit tropical development?
It might. It has been and yet Earl managed to stay alive.
Earl stayed alive, thrived and became a Hurricane.
We are looking for Fiona.
Love that name. 
F Storm ...

The truth is you can't always judge one year by years past however you can learn from past years and follow trends. There are certain pluses and minuses out there and that is why meteorology is math intensive. You can't take any literary licenses on mathematical equations. I'm a writer. I love the study of climatology and history which makes sense as basically climatology is the history of weather on our planet. 

My life can be counted by various events and hurricanes. August meant school was around the corner and we prayed so hard every year in Miami for a hurricane to hit so we would not have to go back to school. August was hot weather, playing ball with the cute guys out on Bird Road while flirting with them. I was a good pitcher. I developed young. I'm pretty sure that gave me an advantage as they were somewhat distracted when I was pitching. I went to the movies with my best friend and wandered around the Gables eating ice cream at Jahns across from the Miracle Theater. I had a great life growing up as just West of Coral Gables as Coral Gables then as now has everything. It even on rare occasions has hurricanes though they usually come 20 or so years apart or more. 

1926 Miami Hurricane busted through Coral Gables but it's houses were the best built around and most survived. So did Coral Gables whereas other boom town cities like Opa Locka and Fulford By the Sea were blown away. Good construction then as now makes all the difference. I dated, went to the movies, hung out on the street I grew up on ... a street we call Miracle Mile. 

1971 song in top 20... 

August was always a mixed bag. I had boyfriends I loved, broke up with them and my best friend Sharon got married the same week in August in NY when I was breaking up with a boyfriend in Miami. Sharon always hated August. Possibly it had to do with a long term marriage she ended in the 1990s. She also hated August because school was back in session and she had to drive car pool. So every August Sharon would pray that a big hurricane would wipe Miami Beach off the map (really, she hated the beach go figure) and she would not have to drive car pool. She's not on any anti-depressant meds I'm aware of currently as the kids are grown and she no longer has to get them out of the house to school and be stuck on traffic on Miami Beach fighting tourists and shows at the convention center.  I ended up in LA having babies in August, go figure. I studied earthquakes and watched from a far as hurricanes threatened Miami ... but they did not hit Miami. Hurricane David formed in late August and threatened Miami turning away suddenly off shore and moving up the coast. I spoke to my Grandma Mary on the phone, the family was boarding up the old homestead in the Roads section prepared to ride out the storm together. Hurricane David ..the storm that got away.

OH LOOK... a D storm forming on August 25, 1979.

Later in the season storm tracks criss crossed each other.

So know slow starts or starts that are in line with climo...
...turn into busy seasons sometimes.

I had a baby in Long Beach on August 13th.

I moved to LA and had a baby August 7th.
Lots of Leo babies.

I ran a law firm and hurricanes were far away in a distant land and the only Miracle Mile I knew was in Santa Monica. A movie producer insisted on buying me a baby blue pen, to be honest life was a little strange back then I really can't blame it all on Hurricane Andrew and 1992. I danced at Discos... I moved back to Miami.

Fast forward to the late 1980s... watching hurricanes back home in Miami and waiting for one to form. Miami had a weak barely there moment with Hurricane Floyd (really have problems calling that a hurricane) and my August 7th baby jumped on my mother's sofa got a cut during the "height of the storm" and my brother and I drove down Alton Road to a friend who was a doctor to have her look at the cut that needed a few stitches. Some signs swayed, not much of a real squall and that was it. Between 1965 and 1992 the Miami area did not have a real hurricane. 

Then came the 1990s and AOL and everything changed as my judge said in divorce court. We were spoiled with busy years and then the slowest of slow years 1997. We turned to comedy writing rather than writing hurricane discussion. Sharon finally got off Miami Beach following me to North Miami Beach. 

Slow years, busy years. Sitting on top of the car with Sharon by the Eden Roc parking lot or wandering along the beach together. Watching my kids build campfires when we had no electric and roasting turkeys on them for the neighborhood. My kids are tough, hurricanes don't scare them much. Called the police on my daughter who broke into our boarded up house to have a hurricane party when I had to go back for some supply with my brother and found teenagers there. Cops told her to leave and she refused to go to my brother's shuttered up house... the cops left as there was a tornado that touched down in a distant back from Georges that veered off to Key West. Another storm another daughter and a big fight as she needed one last cigarette with her boyfriend at the canal before coming to my brother's house. It's one thing to chase storms with seasoned pros and another thing to be a teenager drunk in a storm looking for one last cigarette but I digress.


Sure I missed a few barely there storms that affected the area. Surprisingly Miami doesn't get his as often as people think. I'm rambling... you know why? There is nothing much to talk about.

I'm guessing very few people finished this post. A few stalkers who are too tired to really stalk anymore who are nodding along. Maybe I'll put on my hurricane charm and my yellow crew tee shirt from the set of Perfect Storm and wander around a beach in NC praying a storm will form soon... 

Being silly. I do that well ... really. Ask around. In truth hurricanes usually form in late August near the Cape Verde Islands. In good years they have lots of moisture and a low pressure system attached. They move west through weakening African Dust and under the strong high and make it close enough to our SE Coast to make everyone remember Hurricane Donna... Hurricane Gloria... or whatever hurricane rocked their world once upon the time. Or people in New Orleans look down and freak out remembering Hurricane Katrina.

What is truly ironic is sometimes slow seasons produce huge memories.

Donna the long tracker.
Donna that made it from the Cape Verde Islands.
Donna... the ONLY Cape Verde Storm of 1960.
Weak year... Similar pattern.
Probably very dry and probably choked the life out of other waves.

A lot of US landfalls tho...

So keep watching.

Why are you here still?

You should be out at the beach...
...or the air conditioned mall.
Does anyone go to the mall anymore?
Golf Course?
Staring at the Olympics? 
Watching politics?

There are some indications that in a week or so...
... a tropical wave could form into something.
Possibly closer in but that's a long shot.

Go have fun.
Buy hurricane supplies.
Give them out for Halloween treats if you get lucky.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.. read some links
(so odd...)
1926 Great Miami Hurricane
Go for it... always a good read.

What does average mean?
It's an odd word as it averages out extremes.
Think on it 

Something to think on

Surprisingly the famous Oh Donna song..
...was released in 1958.
2 years before everyone HURRICANE DONNA

(you knew there'd be a song...)


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