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Monday, May 18, 2015

El Nino & California. American Pharoah & Kentucky Derby & Danica Patrick. Connect the dots..

This is how a weather person looks at events around the world. The Preakness was the wettest track since it poured back in 1983. Immediately I Googled "1983 Atlantic Hurricane Season" and voila. Weak, season as many have predicted for this coming year. Then again . . . no one horse won more than one race so I think we can throw out this statistic as any guide for this hurricane season.  Either way got to love a horse that can run like that in the rain ;)

track.gif (640×512)

What it does show is that when it rains one place, it doesn't rain someplace else. California is going through a record drought. California often goes through record droughts, it's part of the way it works in California. I lived there a long time, I can honestly say that it is usually feast or famine with rainfall in LA. They rationed the water, they talked on how to get more water from Northern California into Southern California. They talked about seceding from Northern California who wouldn't "let" them have their water and shamans tried to make wells out in the desert give rain but all they got was a never ending series of small quakes out by 

In 1983 it poured............and poured and poured. It poured so much our roof leaked and we had to move out of the bedroom into the living room until the landlord tried to fix it. I say "try" as we ended up moving around the corner into a more modern apartment and left our cute little Hollywood Bungalow with the leaky roof. It rained so hard that rain rushed down the street almost over flowing the tops of the curb. They year after the drought set in again, there were fires and Santana winds. There is no "normal" in Southern California. Comma clouds line up off the West Coast and move in like planes landing at LAX or everyone complains about the lack of rain. It's not Miami.

Note just for the record most of the rain comes in huge out of the ordinary downpours over a short period and then you go back to having only 7.21 inches in one year.

Then you have San Francisco which is another whole ecosystem, as is the Sacramento Valley as is San Diego. There is no "normal" in California. Each area is different, each location has it's own micro climate. Though I traveled extensively throughout the State and studied the climate and geology I can really speak on LA where I lived many years.

As for the baby who didn't see rain... I was 17 before I saw snow and can honestly say I wasn't sure how to walk on it.

This is why the song goes... it never rains in California.... Duh.

So let's go back to Horseracing for a minute... 

(there's a method in the madness... follow the butterfly wings here)

There are adults in their late 30s who have ...

After a 3 in the 1930s
3 more in the 1940s
3 in the 1970s.

There has been a drought of triple crown winners.
Some people probably believe we will never have another one.
TWC will probably even call it "unprecedented"

It will happen.
Whether it's American Pharaoh or another...
It will happen.

Danica Patrick could one day win a big

On any given Sunday there should be football... 
...but there's not when it's not in season :(

This hurricane season will be whatever this hurricane season will be.
A season of plenty of small close in storms....
One big storm that everyone remembers
Or... one for the record books.

Which record though?
Famine or Feast?
Drought or Flooding Rains?
Go for it. It's a complicated state.

The kicker here is that during El Nino rain usually falls.
More in the South ...but there is more rainfall.

From the above Wikipedia site.

You see the song that made the rainfall problem famous ...
...was written during a slow rainfall year
and poured..

One year 7.17 inches
Next year 21.26 inches

You can't judge one El Nino by another El Nino
Like horses running a race they are similar but all different.

What will 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season bring?
Only time will tell...

Besos Bobbi

Ps. A Horse with a name...a horse to remember...


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