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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tired of Winter? How About a Fly By Asteroid?

If you are really tired of hearing about winter weather or meteorologists arguing out whether we will or won't have an El Nino this year... keep looking up and enjoy your day as "around 4PM" an asteroid named 2014 DX110 will whiz by the Planet Earth within the moon's orbit.

Yes... it will come closer to Planet Earth than your every month full moon you love to wish upon...

It was discovered last month..which bothers me more than it's close approach to Planet Earth. How did no one see this one coming until last month?? And, if they only just discovered it how are we so sure of it's track and timing? Hmnnn

Either way they say we are safe and the odds of it hitting Planet Earth are 1:10,000,000.

Now, to put that into perspective... your chances of winning the main prize in the NY State Lotto with a $1 ticket are 1:22,528,737. Yet.. people buy tickets every day hoping to win and those same people are told not to worry on Asteroid 2014 DX110 that has better odds of hitting Planet Earth than them winning the lotto...

Think on it...

And... if you wondered on the odds of anyone dying by being hit by an asteroid they have been calculated to be 1:700,000.

Something wrong with the math here or our priorities.

We rush out to buy lotto tickets and yet we are told not to worry on the recently discovered asteroid that has better odds of hitting the Earth than we have of winning the lotto!

So, if you are a gambler you might be really worried. If you are the type who doesn't buy lotto tickets figuring you will never win... you might as well just go on with your life today and not give the recently discovered asteroid another thought.

Now......aren't you happier wondering if it will snow yet again this weekend?

Give a smile, have some fun today and keep looking up...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Had that big asteroid not hit Russia last year it would be easier to laugh this off totally. You might want to keep a camera by you or your cell phone charged just in case you see something explosive fly by your window and you want to be the one to get that picture just before it goes BAMN with a big bright flash...


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