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Sunday, September 08, 2013

TD 9 Forms in the Eastern Atlantic.. Forecast to be Humberto Soon!

The NHC is upgrading the Invest known as 91L to TD 9 and the discussion should be out soon. Either way suffice it to say that the structure shows up well on both imagery and loops and model forecasts all show continued intensification.

When it goes green on Funktop and spins ... it's got itself a designation.

Far, far away off the shores of Africa is a newly named system that will most likely be the H storm even sooner.

Look at that storm go... usually they fizzle out fast when they hit the water... this system flared up and intensified.

Humberto is pretty much a done deal. Will it be a Fish Deal of the Day on the Blue Plate special.. probably.


Model tracks for Tropical Depression 9 are as follows:

Definitely a storm that will recurve ... the only question will be where and how strong it will be.

I'll be back later with more serious info... today is NFL Football and I am as happy as a girl like me can be... watching Tampa Bay beating the Jets and Green Bay is on later :) Fins are winning...

Plenty of time to hash out what happens with Humberto...

Besos Bobbi


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