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Saturday, September 07, 2013

CV Wave High Chances to Develop... GOM & Gabby Remnants Music and Tarot ...

This is the true state of the tropics this evening.... almost September 8th and no hurricanes. The promise of a new wave which has high odds to develop and a dry African continent behind it.

We  haven't had the best waves coming off of Africa. Early waves looked good and more recent waves not that good. This one is coming off spinning and there is a small path where it can develop.

Gabrielle...what can I say?

Closer up.........Gabrielle or her remnants are still being Gabrielle... she just doesn't want to come together. Sort of splintered all over the place. She is basically a broad trough of low pressure just like she always was and at some point there is a good chance she will come together or one area will win the battle and take off and develop. Happens. A slow process. Think of her like a late bloomer. Ever spend weeks wishing some little boy would notice you in class and then realize another cute boy saw you first and loved you from the start and you get dizzy looking both ways trying to move forward while remembering the past. Gabby is that sort of girl. If she was a tarot card she would be the 5 of Cups and yes I did say that.

Here see...

Sort of an emo version of Tarot cards...

She has two perfectly good glasses in her hands and three broken ones. She sits, crying in the corner about the broken glasses refusing to take a sip and now that I mention it they should have filled them in with real wine.

5 of Cups.. Venus in Scorpio... we will be going into Venus in Scorpio land soon.. probably will make one nasty dark storm.

Or perhaps this is like the 4 of Cups. "Yes, I see you have an African Wave..yes it looks good...yes it has a low pressure cell attached... yes I know it's spinning. No.. I don't think I have the energy left to believe one more Cape Verde Wave forecast by the GFS... Hmmmnnnn, what should I do???"

One thing I have always believed about Tarot cards is that its a great visual aid for putting your thoughts, fears, hopes and aspirations in place.

Let's look at the tropics. The Gulf of Mexico needs a yellow circle if this keeps up and there is a mess of rain north PR..and watch the Central Atlantic Wave no one is watching as the ULL tickles it into fits of giggles and convection... oddly it has a "roll" and yet it's like the proverbial tree in the forest... no one sees it without a yellow circle.

Let's take the Gulf of Mexico apart now... please.........messy but possible.

But so far it cannot maintain the convection tho a random picture made it look like a TS..which is why we go for long term consistency in a relationship with a tropical system.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

On a personal note I have to thank Gabrielle for not becoming some monster hurricane while I was away. I do love the Jewish New Year.. family, friends.. food... fun..but hate missing things in the tropics.

You know that song.. "don't want to miss a thang" sort of says it all.

Either way I'm back and I'll be on it tomorrow.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...thanks for  your good wishes, prayers and loyalty!


Ps...any of these areas could convect and develop but it's an odd neither here nor there year..


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