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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nadine 2012 VS Ginger 1971... a Look Back at Another Long Tracker..

I thought I'd show everyone another storm that is a mirror sort of image of Nadine, but she did her "I wanna go back" dance in the Western Atlantic.

Let's go back to 1971, Carole King is singing "It's too late baby" and Ginger is not listening. Ginger the Hurricane not Ginger from Gilligan Island...though maybe that is where the guys at the NHC got the name from.. you never k now..

On today in history, Ginger was working her way back to the East Coast after traveling half way to Europe

Also making a dip to the south much like Nadine is doing currently in the Eastern Atlantic.

See below:

[Image of areas affected by tropical storm and hurricane force winds]

Storms like this happen....they just don't happen often on a regular basis but they do happen. So, I thought I'd point it out.

Just not going into all the storms in the Pacific ....this is mostly an Atlantic blog with the rare exception of some "oooooh or awww" but the Pacific is busy in several basins.

Miriam off the West Coast of Mexico catches my attention as she is beautiful, and I have a a daughter named Miriam ;) so ... going to post a picture. Again, she is forecast to move towards the north eventually and into Baja Mexico... her moisture will find it's way as "rain" into Texas and the Southwestern parts of the US of A. So remember.... once a hurricane falls apart.... the rain has to go somewhere.... just a reminder of how the whole process of tropical moisture and the rainfall totals in far away places are all connected.

Besos Bobbi

Ps...did you really think I was going to post that old sappy love song :P nah.... and though I did think of posting "Healing Rain" from did my youtube  know that?? Hmnnnn... nah.... am posting this one as we are doing an Oldie Goldie with Ginger and... September is always hard for me in ways... I lost a best friend in September .... end of summer... end of childhood.... then again I had a few good kids in September... and well.... with this storm it might as well rain until October...which it IS doing in Miami that is getting crazy, record amounts of rain this month. They would have gotten less with one fast moving Category 1 Hurricane... oh the woes of tropical weather...


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