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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yellow circle 40% ... Looking Good.. Sort of.. Oscar... maybe??

This entry is going to really be "name that image" as to me it looks like a woodpecker inside a hedgehog that needs a hair cut..   (sorry my mind is a bit weird... ) but someone else thought it looked like an Eagle... then again they come from Philly.......   someone else suggested a Pirate Parrot... won't go there..

So, you tell me...what does this look like?

The question is...does it look like Extra-tropical or Tropical Storm Oscar?

People are talking about it on Facebook on Mike's site and there are some flutters of conversation in online message boards...

Sort of sneaks up on you while Nadine does or doesn't go East...

Basically it's Nova Scotia or bust ...

Keep watching...


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