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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hurricane Nadine 80 MPH, Possible Caribbean Storm Forming

It occurred to me the other day that if we pretended we didn't think Nadine would become a hurricane, she would. Sort of using reverse psychology on a tropical storm ...which is bizarre but I decided "why not??" and left it that way...   the models have been pretty good with forecasting this season intensity, though they have over forecast a few times...

Either way, Nadine made Hurricane Status. She's moving east as predicted, not many surprises there.

As for the Caribbean, there may be some surprises down the road there. The newest Invest has a small chance for development...currently...though the models show him moving into the Caribbean and possibly longer range into the Gulf of Mexico or towards Florida.  This becomes the bigger priority than watching Nadine out in the Ocean headed for the Azores ...

Here are some more models:

If and when this Invest is able to maintain convection and in the right spot... we may have something that needs serious watching.

Lastly, a special shout out to my son Levi Meyer who is having a big birthday bash tonight in Miami a few days early .... the party was a surprise party by his new wife... all he wants is people should vote for The Friendship Circle of Miami online. You have to let the APP allow you (you can delete the APP later if you wish) and vote and pass this around.. plain and simple. So, doing my part and passing it along to you. It's a good organization. Levi is a big believer in thinking global, acting local. Personally happy he is focusing on local these days and helping others who are helping others.

Besos Bobbi


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