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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nadine...Still There After All These Years.....

To be truthful, I waited until 11pm to see if anything had changed. Nothing really had changed.

Nadine, the only tropical system in the Atlantic, is all the way over to the far Eastern Atlantic... somehow she has done it and made the trek back almost to Africa. Notice in the bottom left corner of the map is her track moving AWAY from Africa....

Here's a pic of her "wind history" but remember she started out as a wave off of Africa that took a while to form as there was so much Saharan Dust so her "begin" point here is after she finally formed from the wave... she's traveled more territory in the Atlantic than most storms ever get to attempt to even try...

[Image of areas affected by tropical storm and hurricane force winds]

Mind you.... she's not done. She may begin to fall apart as she is going extra-tropical, however if she gets far enough east and ummmm SE ...which some models say she may do.. she may get into warmer water and be back almost where she started and look better for a while....or she will fall apart. Hard to say, not many storms do what Nadine has done.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with more information and hopefully a more definitive answer as to how much longer Miss Nadine will be with us... snow may fall in the Appalachians before this storm is done.

Speaking of snow... a cold front is moving through Carolina with heavy rain, thunder, lightning and awesome cool temperatures. A reinforcing front is moving through in another two days or so... looking like the frontal boundaries are going to take over the satellite images.

Watch this frontal boundary that stretches from New England into the Gulf of Mexico.

On one level that can ring the death knell for tropical development...

....on the other fronts stall out in the Gulf Tropical Storms can form close in..


keep watching........................

Besos Bobbi

Enh Infrared Satellite - GOES East 12 hr Loop

Ps... Oscar alas did not form and the wave fell apart... it can be seen pulling North across Hispaniola 


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