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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac Moves On... Nola, MS, AL in his path.. maybe Texas..

Look at that Isaac is finally pulling it together. This has to be the first time in days that he actually has a rounded look and the sense of a real Tropical Storm trying to become a minimal hurricane. Mind you his inner core is still not that well put together, but one way or the other he seems to be preparing for his date with destiny along the Gulf Coast. 

I would say that South Florida got lucky, but the night is not over yet. There is a Tornado Watch for large parts of the area until morning. Oddly, areas to the north (WPB to Port St. Lucie) got slammed all evening with strong bands of tropical ran and Miami Dade to the south got less. Then again the night is young, my daughter called a while ago and said they had more rain tonight than they had earlier. Miami did have problems, minor ones though... flooding, signs down, a tree here or there.. nothing that they could not handle and nothing that cannot be fixed in the short term. Power is out in some places, my brother's power went out again... why I'm not sure but his neighborhood has been having problems all day. Currently there are Flash Flood Warnings for Palm Beach County.

Key West managed the storm very well, as it usually does. There were some trees reported down on Big Pine and power was out across a good part of Key West. Power in Key West is usually restored fast. Other areas across South Florida reported outages.

AL, MS, LA all declared a State of Emergency in Advance of Isaac's approach.

He is forecast to intensify in the warm waters of the Gulf and slam into some city along the Gulf Coast. Really a bad scenario is unfolding and hopefully that will change and they will only have a weak hurricane and not a strong one. Some models do show a strong storm ... I'll deal with that tomorrow after the next models run. It's too easy to hype this (as can be seen from Isaac and South Florida) and no reason to scare people when the storm has a long way to go with a currently weak core before calling this the Second Coming of Katrina. It's not... it's Isaac 2012.

Two days ago the models had Isaac hitting the NW coast of Florida. A day ago the models had Isaac hitting Mobile and Pensacola. Today they keep hitting New Orleans. It's still too early to tell and it can and will most likely change tomorrow...or the models will come into better agreement. Two models still take it to Mobile and a few hint at moving towards the La/Texas line..

Stay calm.

Currently, I got to say ... Isaac looks better than he has in days. A bit upside down, but good. 

Let's see how he looks tomorrow.

Note the I name will most likely be retired as there have been several deaths from Isaac in Haiti and this is far from over.

Stay calm. If you live in South Florida... hope that the luck holds and there are no twisters in the bands still coming up from Cuba as seen in the picture above.

Sweet Tropical Dreams



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