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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Beautiful Cape Verde Wave to Watch...

Why we are not tracking this wave and spending more time on discussion of this wave I don't know. Looks like a TD to me. Looks a lot better than the last few TDs.

Why we are still following Helene through the hills of Texas as if she was some wayward gunslinger I don't know... not to mention following Gordon all the way to Spain I don't know. Can't remember the last time the NHC did weather forecasting for Europe... been a while.

This is the real thing...or as close at it gets. Looks better than a 60% Red Circle. Also tracks west towards the islands and possibly turns towards the US with the ever present possibility of recurvature.

Too soon to tell... just random shooting the  breeze on the blog here but.... looks good to me.

Besos Bobbi....something to dream on...


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