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Friday, August 17, 2012

Tropical Helene Forms. . . Gordon Goes East... CV Wave Watching

So, the NHC seems to have found winds and a circulation in the very weak looking area balancing on the coast of Mexico... they sent the planes in... just in time it seems.. You know that song, Send in the Clowns... here it's Send in the Planes... so TD7 gets an upgrade to Helene. (I'm wondering if someone has it in for the name Helene... seems crazy to waste it on this mess of poorly organized convection that easily could have been a TD but guess we will end the season with lots of named storms that in any other season never would have been given a name....and yes I am on a rant and no I do not want to use grammar............end paragraph)

Note the really strong area of convection in the NE Gulf looks like a puzzled, annoyed face staring down thinking "WTF" but maybe I'm just guessing what that there area of convection was thinking.

So, it really doesn't matter what I think...or you think....or the funky face in the NE Gulf... it matters what the NHC thinks and they think it's worthy of an upgrade to named storm status and using the name Helene...ever so briefly. we move East................................----------------->
And, I do mean EAST.... we are watching Tropical Storm Gordon who is headed towards the Azores and or points beyond.  Watch him go here:

Down around the ITCZ is the system that could become the "I" storm... unless of course they name some wandering wave briefly that name.

Cold front moving down through the South...

Let's just pretend this is September, as we are playing make believe round here it seems.

Sorry, but as an old weather tracker/slash/chaser once told me... he "calls em as he sees em" and so do I....

Sweet Tropical Dreaming...

Ps... I didn't put up a track for Helene... it seemed rather obvious .... inland.


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Ottar Vinje said...

Thankyou for Very Interesting Blogg.... The weather, has been one of mine interest since my childhood..... Take Care Bobbi....:-)


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